Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Two More Versions Of Gymslip Caning Cover Art - Plus A New Poll For You To Get Involved In


Question: Which of these book cover images would be most likely to encourage you to make a purchase (see last posting for options A - D)? Enter your answer in the poll below. Please ignore the sidebar version over on the right; if I delete it then the version on this post disapears; I don't know why; I've done it before ok, so I'm at a loss.  By the way: It might take a bit of time to load, from my experience so please have patience, your participation will be much appreciated!

1 comment:

Madmonkey said...

I just thought you might like some honest criticism. I don''t think these modified images are the way to go. They look amateurish. I would try and find some clip-art or free to use images that are equally evocative. You can also look on deviant art. There are lots of artists who will let you use their images for little more than credit.