Thursday, 11 May 2017

That Benson-Toyntanen Colaboration: A Sample: See it Here First

So - what have I been up to?  Well, without further ado, here's a sample. And like it says above - see it here first (yep it's going up on Tumblr and my Pinterest too - but it's here first; and it'll be here the finished product / products will be revealed first).  As always, your comments are welcome.  Talking of which, if you've emailed me recently and are yet to receive a reply, my apologies: I'll be getting back to you later today. I' am going to be out and about, but I'll be taking my 'smart' phone (smart? Ha! It'd be HOPELESS without me to work it) and should have plenty of opportunities to tackle some emails.


paulopost said...

I love her girdle!

charlotte said...

It is a beautiful idea, combining everything you do so well

Chas said...

Those rubber panties raise the prospect of urinary discipline, which can be quite severe for the poor young woman who is subjected to it.
Of course, incontinence may be induced by the use of urethral sounds, such that the bladder sphincter will have been painfully stretched beyond functionality. At that point, catheterization may be regarded as necessary, particularly the scarcely ever heard of, and especially severe, "hard" catheterization that uses a difficult to insert, stainless steel tube running from the bladder to several inches outside of the urethra where it may be attached to a latex tube that connects to a collection bag strapped to her thigh. The stainless tube protruding from her sex is awkward and uncomfortable to the young woman, and the display of it is quite humiliating and shameful to her, such that she will blush terribly upon being made to strip from the waist down to stand and display it to visitors, particularly when she is made to turn and bend at the waist to display its appearance as viewed from behind.
The hard catheterization is impossible for a woman to wear with trousers, though it is quite compatible with a dress or skirt, if she is kept pantiless. When one sees such young women in public, seated at cafes or merely strolling along the avenue with their chaperones, they are inevitably teary-eyed from the humiliation of the shameful condition between their legs, and have an awkward walk to them that betrays the presence of what they wear embedded deep within their sexes. Their distress will be all the greater, if they know that upon returning home, they will be stripped and displayed to visiting guests, so that their “treatment” can be viewed and discussed with an eye to its improvement.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, but in my mind the exercise is retaining the urine until the bladder is very painfully full. After which, using a chamber pot in front of her aunt, she must perform the exercise to urinate by command: release, hold, release, hold, and so on, until the bladder is empty. This is a good sphincter exercise for the incontinence prevention. Obviously is a hated exercise, causing a continue burning sensation in the utethra. And if we look at the picture she is pressing her thighs togheter, the bladder is almost full, the padlocks prevent it from helping retention with hands. I just think he'll have to wear the shameful rubber panties soon!

Chas said...

Yes, she should be made to squat and show how a pretty girl pees from her sex. My preference is for a glass bowl to be used, to more shamefully display the color and quantity of her urine for all to see and remark upon. Some mechanical means of keeping the various labia spread open, such as clamps and chains, might also be employed, to allow for a neater stream to spurt from her sex. Of course, her Aunt's guests would also be present, to add to her shame as they observe and comment upon how she urinates.
Another aunt who is present, her Aunt Mimette, a trained nurse, might say, much to the girl's shame, "Her urine stream is so weak. Have you considered dilating her urethra? We could have her on her back as soon as she has done peeing. I carry my sounds and some lubricant in my purse. If some of us could simply raise her legs at the knees, and keep them apart, I could dilate her bladder sphincter in a few minutes. She won't like it, but we will give her no choice. Still, it would have to be done daily to maintain the effect, but I am sure that a more powerful stream from her sex would be more shameful to her, and more entertaining to our guests."