Friday, 7 October 2016

An Amazing Nurse Helena Annotated Photoset - And an Attempted English Translation / Interpretation

 Hi Folks!  A while ago a kind soul sent me a set of six annotated photoset pages originating from the excellent and always innovative Nurse Helena (thanks again Candii).  Originally in French, I've had a shot at translating and re-annotating them in English.  Thus far I have completed the first three of the set of six, which I present here, first the three French Language originals and then - if you scroll further down the page - my three translations / interpretations.

 I have to admit don't speak French, so I have had to rely on on-line language translation programmes which sometimes fail to provide a direct translation which makes any sense, and thus here and there I have had to make a semi-educated guess to come up with my own interpretation, but I think the gist and the spirit of the thing survives.  Please let me know what you think...

I hope to complete the final three next week, probably next Tuesday, which will likely be my next opportunity to get back on my main, desktop computer.  I'll be away from home for the weekend but will have my smart phone with me and so can answer emails and comments and so on.  Bye for now and best wishes.  Garth

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