Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A New Blog to Follow - and a New Pic from Yours Truely

Hi folks.  Just a quickie to say I've just stumbled on a sapnking blog new to me - 'Best Spanking Blogs'(click here to visit) or look in my extensive blog list which is situated over in the right hand sidebar (you need to scroll down a ways though - there's a lot of stuff over there!

I'm still struggling with editing a putting together the 'Ordinary House' / 'Twice Kidnapped' thing but meanwhile I've also been putting together more images for my on-going project 'The Illustrated Institution', of which this is the latest.  I've been having difficulty creating the face for this one though, so this probably will not be the final version. I'll be interested in any comments.

I’ve been perusing the ‘net for images of leather skirts and white doctors’ coats to try and create a close up image of the domineering psychotherapist figure, which is how I came upon the above mentioned blog.  I have a distant image of her supervising a toileting session created for me by Angela Fox but for various reasons I don’t think I can put that one to use in the situation I have in mind, but the face has to match that computer-generated image to some degree which means I have to create a composite from features taken from several separate faces, which is actually a very interesting challenge.   

The problem I was experiencing with WordPress righted itself and you can now view everything I've ever put out on Tumbler there, plus one or two other things (I may try to archive this site there too at some point - we'll see).


Anonymous said...

I realize that you've done a great deal of work on these composites, but I'm afraid they're both uncanny valley dwellers. They don't register as human for me at all.

Toyntanen said...

Yeah. Interestingly that's an observation leveled at - and noted by - the artist / artists Gilbert and George and their 'stained glass windows' compositions wherein they'd put together two lefthand and two righthand sides of their faces to create whole images. The result is disturbing to say the least but it is difficult to state exactly why.