Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Mental Hospital Discipline Dress or Gown: As Excellent Around the House as in Institutional Incarceration

This is one in a range of institution-issue female patient dresses with prominently printed diagnosis labels. The latter is an innovation aimed at informing and thus influencing the attitude and responses to her and of those she may come in contact with, in addition to her care-givers themselves, ensuring she encounter consistent reactions and constant reinforcement of her mindset as a mental patient while at the same time acting as a constant reminder to the patient herself of her psychological shortcomings and limitations thus helping to overcome denial and quell rebellion before it has a chance to develop.      
This female patient dress is inspired by the INSTITUTIONALISED trilogy by yours truly. Garth P. Toyntanen, (click author’s name / book title to visit / see)
I'm presently uploading more stuff like this to my Pinterest account incedently 'Institutional Discipline, Uniforms & Strict, No-nonsense Nurses' (click to visit) The dress or gown features an internal molded latex phallus based on a mold taken from an actual penis, elastic  nappy (diaper) positioning and restraining straps in the gusset area and prominently printed diagnosis label on the frontage.  This particular version with the internal phallus or dildo is intended for domestic use prior to - and in preparation for - long term care home or mental hospital incarceration and requires an especially adapted nappy featuring an aperture to accommodate the aforementioned appendage.  The latter, incidentally, can be formed from a mold taken from the man of the house if required.  The appendage can be rear mounted for continual anal penetration or front mounted for vaginal penetration or indeed the outfit can be supplied with two, mounted fore and aft to allow both orifices to be simultaneously filled, although since the dress is primarily designed to accommodate a nappy (diaper) and for enforced nappy use within a care home or other institution the rear penetrating version is not necessarily recommendable.  In addition, in a domestic environment worn around the home, the man of the house may well prefer the nappy be left off during her waking hours, partly to allow for easy and continual visual inspection / supervision but also to allow for the slaking of his masculine needs when the desire so awakens within him and two versions possessing a rear opening for this purpose are available, one with a zip fastener strategically positioned over the bottom area and one with an elasticated circular opening.  
Also, now that I am no longer doing work for Roger Benson - don't ask, it wasn't pretty (anyone wanna see the email?  Hands up at the back there!) - I'm open to commissions (you know the sort of thing - you see a picture and it's GOOD but it's not quite 'there' (with me it's usually the surroundings but often it's silly stuff like a wristwatch where no wristwatch has a right to be (God!  That sounds WEIRD! ) or a tattoo (I HATE tattoos - although...  Hey, didn't I feature tattooing in one of my books?)  For example on the new revamped cover I recently created for INSTITUTIONALISED VOL 2 I features a nurse photo someone sent me years ago - but I had to remove her nail varnish first... it's these little things sometimes - don't you think?). 
One last thought - I'm quite getting into Pinterest; so if you have a Pinterest account let me know and I'll feature a link here over in the left hand sidebar (there IS only one, so quite why I insist on keeping saying 'left hand' I don't know - perhaps I just like the sound of my own voice!  Hang on! I'm writing, not talking; ok strictly speaking I'm typing; my voice recognition stuff has died on me, principally coz one of my kids has trashed the microphone, but you get my drift I'm sure; and did you know - I mainly think in pictures...  I thought everybody did... no, really!  God, it must be really naff not to be able to walk in a room, look around for a bit, then visualize it from any angle - I thought everyone could do that, or at least I did until I studied organic chemistry and the subject of chirality came up and the same people asked the same question week after bloody week...  err... you just turn the molecule around in your head - don't you?  Sometimes it pays to be dyslexic!)  Well, the sun is out - and so am I... Well, I'm going out at least...  See Ya!


Vlad said...

That outfit and it's surrounding protocols are definitely the makings of a story. I really like the idea of institutional treatment in a home setting with all the trappings of special garments, uniforms and equipment. Now that you have some free time how about finishing off a book so we can buy it and restock your supply of beer tokens?

Toyntanen said...

Hi Vlad. The institutional treatment within an otherwise domestic setting idea is the linchpin of one of the unfinished stories I have been working on and returning to every now and then but plays no part in the major work I having working on, the one I started last year after developing the central idea in conjunction with a correspondant which has its basis in a kidnap but with lots of twists and turns leading up to an institutional scenario of a type and the central theme of the tale..,, which I cant say anything about except to say that it's all tied up in it's probisional tittle, The Sham Conjecture