Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Discipline Governess or Strict Nurse Uniform Art Project Stage 2: Stand Removed

Now I've removed the stand and repaired the background.  

It doesn't matter at this stage that there is no rear to the inside of the collar where it was obscured by the stand, nor that there is a bit of 'fringing', particularly in that area inside the neck -these are issues that can and will be dealt with later.  

Next: The colour change.  Any preferences?  Let me know - SOON!  

I'm gonna have a cuppa and bite to eat before continuing, so you DO have time!

So now I've dealt with the fringing (see right), though you have to look carefully, and have refined the area around the inside neck and collar and hopefully it looks better.  How, is a trade secret, but it is enough to say it involves three layers! 

So... The colour change is coming up - easy enough - THEN I've got to put a woman in it (NOT so easy).

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