Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A Poll From The Spanking and Discipline Artist, Roger Benson

To celebrate Roger Benson's upcoming new book (which both I and Angela Fox having been helping on) and help with finalising the content and so on the man himself is putting out a series of polls.  His style of writing and written subject matter / take on things is obviously very different from my own, tending to the whimsical at times (I hope he does not mind me saying that) but in sentiment we are not so far apart - even if  I WOULD tend to put a darker interpretation on his imagery.  But that is the great thing about his work; so much of it can be interpreted in many different ways; which is why I have always been such a fan!  Enjoy! 

PS: I have not put the poll over in the sidebar this time, rather it can be found a little lower down this page, benieath the illustration and opening gambit / scene setting.  I'm not sure how well that is going to work or whether you folk will automatically head for the sidebar, but let's see how it goes!  If this works and we get a good response, so much the better, because sidebar space is a limited commodity - and I've got a whole logjam backlog of useful links to put in over there.  
It's a pleasantly warm July day in 1959 and Lorna (the brunette) and Patsy (the honey blonde), both 18, are spending the month with their discipline-minded Aunty Edna.

The girls' "Demerit Books" decree that the two hapless misses will be made to undergo a Saturday afternoon punishment session.  Aunty Edna, dressed to go downtown shopping, is with her friend -- the imperious Helen Steel.

The frightened and apprehensive girls are marched to a spare bedroom in Aunty Edna's large and imposing home.  Here, they are ordered to strip to their pink bra and panty sets, snug, off-white girdles, and tautly-suspendered and ultra-sheer tan hued nylon stockings.  Lorna wears tight fitting, glossy black, patent leather pumps with 4 and 1/4 spike heels.  Patsy's pumps are glossy white patent leather.

Each girl has her wrists snugly tied behind her back and both are gagged with white adhesive tape.  The girls are then pushed down on the bed and their shapely, nyloned ankles crossed and bound.  Both emit poignant "Mmmmmmfffffggghhhhhh" sounds as this is being done.

Aunty Edna and Helen Steel smile down on the girls, wish them a "restful time", and depart (announcing that they will be back in "a little over 3 hours").


Option 1

They lie passively on the bed, tearfully repenting being naughty girls.

Option 2

They exchange chaste "gag kisses".

Option 3

Patsy wriggles around until her back in facing Lorna's front.  She reaches back with her
soft fingers and begins to play with Lorna's most intimate anatomy.  Soon both girls are
writhing in unison and perspiring slightly. Lorna emits gag-stifled moans of ecstasy as
a violent orgasm consumes her.  The two  succulently shapely, naughty teeners spend the
next two hours giving each other orgasms until, finally sated, they lie with their bodies pressed
tightly together and gag-kissing.

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