Wednesday, 17 June 2015

For When The Cane Just Is Not Enough: Dollymother Behaviour Modificatioin Aids and Products

So, this is the next stage - and with the concept added to the pic that started me thinking along these lines in the first place.  In hindsight perhaps 'DollyMaker' would make for a better brand name - thoughts, anyone?  In fact, I'm off to have a go at that - before someone else does.  I'll be back to add a few more words of explanation here shortly, or with another version if successful and it proves fairly quick to do!

By the way; before I forget: It's the London to Brighton Cycle ride this Sunday, so I'll be in Brighton for a few days at the start of next week (even if I DON'T go by bike) if anyone is interested in meeting for a pint!  I always start late afternoon / early evening Sunday in the Hand In Hand pub or The Bristol Bar, both in Kemptown (I'm easy to spot) but can usually be found in one of the two Brighton Wetherspoons branches thereafter.

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