Monday, 30 March 2015

Home Schooling: Uniform Inspection

This just sprung to mind when working through a contribution by Chris (who developed the character Miss Frobisher and having come across this pic on my hard drive while searching for the gymslip pics I pasted up last time.
While her old school chums were entering their final year in preparation for university or leaving to get jobs, get married, perhaps go travelling, she’d found herself trapped in the most stifling home schooling régime imaginable, dressed from head to toe and from the skin outwards in the fussiest of school uniforms and under the tutelage of a woman who seemed intent on taking control of every tiny little aspect of her life. Just like the tiny little speck of a stain Miss Frobisher had just detected on her heavily starched white school blouse – THAT would be two strokes of the cane, just for starters – and Miss Frobisher had already indicated that one of the seams of her fully-fashioned lisle stockings wasn’t sufficiently straight; that would be another two strokes for sure.
She turned eighteen some time back and under the terms of the will she could have inherited then. But she’s a level-headed girl, fully aware of her shortcomings - intellectual and otherwise - ,her lack of maturity and inability at present to shoulder the responsibility of dealing with such a large inheritance. When it was explained to her she could accept the alternative and more traditional legal interpretation of the term ‘age of majority’ as in ‘upon reaching the age of majority’ as meaning upon reaching age twenty-one she seemed happy enough to sign the relevant papers. She’d seemed happy enough as well to accept the idea of staying under home education rather than leaving to try to finish her schooling and go on to university like her old school chums. Mind you, she’d find that very difficult. With university places at a premium these days the entry requirements are becoming higher and higher – and she has nothing like the minimum qualifications.


Bruno said...

Stockings ?
No, bare knees should be the rule at all times.

Toyntanen said...

Yes, well something like that used to be my view too. Then others (most recently 'Chris' in a piece intended for this blog) pointed out the value of seamed stockings in increasing what I would call 'disciplinary self-awareness' by providing a target fot stipulations and inspections and so on. And don't forget, there is a BIG difference between fully-fitted lisle stockings and the sort of 'sexy' attire you may be imaganing.