Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Stern Leather-skirted Governess: What Could Be More Perfect for the New Year?

Happy New Year folks!

Sorry I wasn't around over Christmas but it is a bad time of the year for me, I was away from home for much of it, and I have been concentrating on trying to get the first part of the new book out.

On the few occasions I HAVE been at home I have been finishing off some artwork in collaboration with Roger Benson for his upcoming book (due out sometime in spring apparently).

Okay, lets move on to something else, to some pictures I stumbled across before Christmas – and the ideas that have been tumbling around in my brain ever since.

When I came across this little confection on Tumblr – home of so much great stuff these days - I just had to share it with you, not just the imagery but also the thoughts that pop up in my head every time I run my eyes over the collection (of which only two pics are presented here).

The website these pics originate from (see bottom of each photo) is actually a fem-dom site, and very good it is too if that's your 'bag' (it isn't mine particularly, but hey, that doesn't mean I don't get ANYTHING out of it!). But as you know MY thing tends to be F/f and F/fff - to use a bit of shorthand - and so in my eyes and my imagination the woman immediately becomes a governess placed in charge of one or more late-teen girls ('late-teens', 'of marriageable age' – I've been criticised for it before, and I hate using the terms. But what else can I do? Any ideas?).

She certainly ticks all the boxes as far as I'm concerned when it comes to how I'm imagine a governess, an image which has formed the basis of so many of the dominant characters in my books in the past, from the tight leather skirt to the fully-fitted stockings.

I'm guessing many, if not most, of you will be imaging this woman's charge as an intractable denim-wearing gum-chewing sort, too big for her boots and practically unmanageable by all but the most extreme means . For me though, on looking over our stern-looking governess, a prerequisite seems to be that the direct opposite should be true of her charge.

Imagine if you will a woman like this placed in charge, not of some boisterous tomboy or rebellious leather-jacketed boy-obsessed hell-raiser, but rather a modest shy bookish sort, the outcome of an over-protective sheltered upbringing and pampered privileged liberal private education. 

The only thing precocious about our precious young thing is her figure, which much to her embarrassment is burgeoning and overly mature for her age and which she attempts to play down with baggy loose pullovers and so on. 

Perhaps the girl is studious, perhaps she wears glasses, too, although still undeniably pretty, even IN spectacles.

I'd like to think she'd be generally well behaved, not at all like most teenagers (though she is just beginning to show signs of finding her feet – thus her guardian's new appointment) and has never given a day's trouble in her life, having mostly been away at boarding school in any case.

I know, I know! How inappropriate could you get?

Who on earth would employ this woman in such a role, a woman who looks more like a professional dominatrix than a governess, you're probably asking yourselves?

Who in their right mind would leave such a naïve quiet bookworm in the hands of such a woman, let alone give her cart blanch over the girl?

Well one of MY many and varied nefarious characters might!

But to me it is the wholly inappropriateness of the woman's appointment that is the root of the excitement. She really is the embodiment of the proverbial use of the iron bar to break the butterfly’s wings.

Think about the poor thing's reaction for a moment, consider how she might react to the news that she won't be returning to the overly relaxed atmosphere of her progressive boarding school for the final year, that now she is old enough to no longer be compelled by law to remain in full-time education her schooling will continue at home, behind closed doors, with this woman as her tutor and governess!  Just imagine her shock, too, on being informed her old nice cosy room with its posters of ponies and show jumpers, her gymkhana rosettes and row upon row of bookshelves and books is now off-limits and that a new room has been set aside for her, high up in the attic.

Looking at our governess, as I am now, I can well imagine that having be told that the girl's school has never required a uniform, nor has the girl ever worn a school uniform at any point in her life, outraged by that establishment's lackadaisical attitude and a sticker for formality herself , she will have been pawing over school wear catalogues. Indeed I can well imagine her, disenchanted by modern offerings, glorying in putting together a school uniform of her own devising, employing a talented seamstress of her acquaintance, taking her time, spending night after night, pen and sketchpad in hand, pawing over vintage catalogues, researching historic archives, picking and choosing what she sees as the best of each of several designs. A pleated skirt taken from one design, obviously, attached to a cross-over open-sided bodice taken from another, teamed with a puff-sleeved stripped blouse taken from yet another fitted with a high, stiff Eaton collar and tie. But no blazer, oh no, she will have decided against that. I think, having come across several pictures of Victorian schoolgirls wearing waist-length capes fastening at the neck, she'll be thinking of opting for a shorter version to top it all off, perhaps coming just a little below the girls buxom-looking bustline. Then fitted out in her new kit she'll have the girl upstairs to deal with her waist-length hair with the aid of a pudding basin and a pair of hairdresser's sheers – yes, she's THAT kind of woman!

So, the question is, am I the only one who'd prefer to such a woman placed in charge of a quiet well behaved bookworm? Or is the consensus in favour of the tomboy or preconscious brat that needs taming? And for either case, how would you imagine she would proceed to stamp her authority? Would there be any difference to her approach to each case, or would both be subject to the short sharp shock routine of a damn good hiding with the cane, strap or hairbrush?



Anonymous said...

I too much prefer that such a woman be placed in charge of a quiet, socially-conforming, bookworm.

The primary reason is that in this area, I am most drawn to extreme juxtapositions ---as you said: “the use of the iron bar to break the butterfly’s wings.” Examples of such extremes range from the physical to more subtle, but potentially even more potent psychological aspects such as having the dominant close in age or even slightly longer than her charge.

I think the shy, socially-conforming, introvert is less equipped to deal with the physical, emotional, and mental upheaval created by such a radical power shift.

I have an unexamined assumption or at least an intuition that the shy, sensitive introvert is more susceptible to various mental torments including conditioning and induced conflicts which further isolate her from general society and bind her emotionally and psychologically to the dominant.

Even though society could never condone such treatment of a tomboy, there is still some vague, lingering sense that she deserved some form of correction. I enjoy the schadenfreude of knowing that there are absolutely no such extenuating circumstances, however minor, in the case of the bookworm.

I don’t think there would necessarily be any difference in implementing discipline between the two types. One could begin with more subtle measures with the introvert but I don’t see any need or benefit of doing so.

Anonymous said...

All the above commenter said-- spot on. I'd also suggest that your preference for F/f works well here as well. What most younger men don't understand is that females tend to dress/behave/adopt opinions & modes that are designed to increase status with other females-- not men (see idiocy of the fashion industry and shoe mania etc). There's an opportunity to exploit this in your scenarios-- that an introverted charge would over time work harder to earn this kind of acceptance and increased status-- with perhaps some rewards if such behaviour was exhibited with some ardour. Such rewards would be pitifully meagre but jealously sought. A single 'grownup' pair of panties or brassiere. A chance to view an 'adult' movie. All associated grudgingly with the 'generosity' of her guardian. Little trifles might break up the otherwise oppressive weight of her reality whilst introducing an even deeper humiliation and submission. Just a thought from a fan! --Selecta

Anonymous said...

I couldn’t agree more with the last comment. In fact I had copied the same line from your original post before reading the comments to start mine….
I too much prefer that such a woman be placed in charge of a quiet, socially-conforming, bookworm. I too like the total contrast, “the use of the iron bar to break the butterfly’s wings.”
This girl is not in need of any disciplinary regime, she is a high achiever at school – sure the atmosphere is relaxed, no uniform, lots of social activities, but she still works hard and gains A passes; she has never been a cause for concern, no boys, no drinking or smoking, a conformist in all respects. She enjoys the outdoors and loves her horse-riding, excelling in this too, with many ribbons to adorn her walls. Life is a pleasure….
Then the governess is appointed, she can’t understand the dramatic change to her world. She is now to study for 12 hours a day, wear a strict and uncomfortable uniform, perform hard physical household chores for a further 4 hours each day, and to have no further contact with her host of friends. The final straw is when her governess, a woman, if she may be termed so, for she is barely two years her senior, informs her that her favourite showjumper, a horse she trained from a foal to A-grade, dotes on daily, and is now worth a great deal of money; has been given away.
In tears, shaking with grief, frustration, disbelief and resentment, this is so totally undeserved, she calls her governess, ‘a cruel monster’. After all she is a perfectly behaved girl, she would never swear, or raise her voice in anger, lash out. Her total shock when her governess calmly advises, her tone implacable, “Little girls need to learn obedience and respect their superiors. Your behaviour is quite unacceptable and will be dealt with appropriately. Please remove all your clothes in preparation for your punishment.”
She can hardly believe her ears, this young governess is talking to her like a little child. Worse follows as she is lead into the punishment room where she sets eyes on the gym horse with its leather restraints and the vicious cane placed alongside. It is obvious this is going to be a severe thrashing. It is undeserved, who would not have reacted similarly, or worse, in the circumstances?
She chokes back the tears in disbelief, shock, her mouth dry, her stomach churned up as her whole body trembles in dread. She breaks down and sobs, pleads for forgiveness and mercy, she will never disobey again, apologises profusely for her behaviour.
Her governess looks on dispassionately. The girl has never heard a raised voice before, she has been pampered and, in truth, spoiled all her life; yet this martinet looks at her without pity. She beseeches, “Please… forgive me, just this once, I promise I will be so so good from now on…… so good. I am so sorry…. Please… I will never call you names again. Please don’t hurt me, I’m begging you… forgive me, just this once?” Her pride is long gone, she barely believes her own words as she trembles before this young woman barely older than she; yet worlds separate them. It is all so unjustified, so undeserving… so extreme a penalty. All she has known before was love and caring compassion; a quiet word of warning, at most, if her behaviour had ever warranted correction.
Her words fall on deaf ears as her governess simply advises, “Bend over the horse, now… and if I hear another word from your mouth, I will double your punishment.”
The girls is defeated as she bends and finds herself secured to the horse, no option but to bear her punishment; yet, as her governess viciously slashes the cane in practice, the evil hiss causing her to cringe in absolute terror, she cannot help but ask, her voice a tremor, “Please, just this once, spare me…..”
The cold emotionless response of her governess breaks her completely, “You just doubled your punishment - 36 strokes.”

Toyntanen said...

Hi there 'Anonymous', 'Chris' and 'Selecta'! Ahh! HOW much easier it is when folk come up with 'handles' to sign off with. They can be just as anonymous as... well, 'Anonymous'. I mean – I doubt 'Chris' is Chris's real name (a bit androgynous, that moniker, too!) and I have no idea who 'Selecta' might be (well, I do now; but that's because he has since also contacted me by email for a chat).

So why the delay coming back to you? Well, I can only apologise (yet again!). It's been raining! Need I say more? The phone line sounds like sizzling bacon rashers in an over-hot frying pan, with the occasional sound of a sausage popping (why we call 'em 'bangers' here in the UK – well, in London and the South East at least, Lord knows what they call 'em up north! So now the same old rigmarole starts again, proving the fault is not in the premises and so on...Quelle horreur!!! Coz if you don't and the fault proves to be on your own telephone or any of the wiring in your own place (or even if the engineer fails to find the fault out in the street – as happened here one time) you get a hefty three figure charge levied on you, some one hundred and something squids! And I'm unemployed!!! AND I don't claim benefits of the social services! (I recently applied for a job in GNC, a food suppliant retailer, as a 'retail associate' – but I wont get it. Too many qualifications! But that''s another story)....continued...

Toyntanen said...


Following on from above. I have to say I agree whole heartedly with 'Anonymous' when he (she? Who knows? There's NO clue – that's the thing about 'Anonymous'; it's even more Androgynous than 'Chris') says there is a certain Schadenfreude (or frisson, I guess) in the knowledge that there are no extenuating circumstances to excuse heavy handed treatment in the case of the already well behaved, sensible specimen who finds herself undergoing rigorous discipline simply for the sole reason of what amounts to the pleasure of others. It is a close relation, -I think - to the 'blameless incarceration' theme that comes to the fore in tales of the goings-on in those old Church-run 'industrial schools' and parochial charity residential homes set up to protect 'wayward, girls and young women in peril of moral corruption', but writ large and somehow amplified by the otherwise normality of the domestic surroundings. I think the latter is even more the case if the authority figure given control over the girl has been as inappropriately chosen as to be what amounts to a professional dominatrix simply 'dressed up' as a governess.

I think you're right when you say “the shy, sensitive introvert is more susceptible to various mental torments” and of course – as has been recently pointed out by 'The Non Victorian Chic' in an email to me (which I am going to seek her permission to share, when I get back to her); it would strain that all-important thread of 'plausibility' to the limit for a well-developed, headstrong very physical 'school games captain' type to be simply overpowered in such a way within the domestic environment, but if the latter were to be be psychologically manipulated in some way so as to become shyly introverted... But that is where a different sort of governess entirely is required.

I too have toyed with imagining the psychological aspects arising when the authority figure is close in chronological age or perhaps slightly younger than her charge, and I think there is definitely scope for an extra dimension to open up there, adding even greater frisson to the proceedings, whatever their type.


Toyntanen said...


Coming on to 'Selecta' and 'Chris'. I love what 'Selecta' says about a governess's put-upon charge finding herself becoming eager to please in seeking acceptance as an 'adult' (though already 'adult' in the eyes of many) and how rewards coming to her in the form of “little trifles” might actualy in reality be leading her down the path to even “deeper humiliation and submission”, Very Nice!

'Chris' has virtually written an entire mini novel here! Wonderfully insightful stuff, Chris!y Brilliantly descriptive! You hit the nail squarely on the head when you say in your missive: “It is all so unjustified, so undeserving”. Yes Just so! AND you have the added frisson – just discussed above in connection with Anonymous's comment – of the authority figure close in age to her charge. MOST galling for the hapless young thing!

I felt it only right to repeat Chris's comment as a main posting, in case it gets overlooked languishing here in the comments section (which not every visitor bothers to open – I know I often don't when visiting other people's Blogs).

Anonymous said...

Feeding her gruel, pigs pellets blended with the daily ration of water will further her dehumanizing and her objectification.


Grey Master