Saturday, 18 October 2014

It's Not That She's Cruel – She's Just Forgetful. Hey, Anyone Can Have an Off-Day!

Yes, unlike the last posting this one WAS inspired by a certain section of the plot of my new book, as much as it was by the expression on the woman's face. In particular the angle of her eyes is such as to make the addition of a 'think' bubble irresistible.

By the way, one thing I neglected to say last time was that I am also about to start work on what will be - to all intents and purposes - a biography of sorts, but one primarily focussing on my experience of living with dyslexia.

I have often thought of doing something like this over the years - usually when some humorous dyslexia-related anecdote or other has come to mind - and have always imagined it as a kind of after-the-event diary. And thus the provisional title I have come up with:

Dairy of a Dyslexic. From Udder-achiever to...

(Yep! That's right! I really CAN'T tell the difference between a journal and a bottle of 'Gold Top')

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