Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Domestication, Dress and Other Related Issues


The domestication process had begun day one, immediately after the ceremony, with the presentation by her spouse of her 'housework outfit'. The chores are pinned upon the kitchen door, and woe betide her if they are not completed. She feels put upon, that she shouldn't submit. And if she wasn't dressed the way she is, perhaps she wouldn't. But the way she is dressed makes her feel 'kept in her place', makes it harder to argue back.

Arranged marriages are nothing new of course, even in Western society. Same-sex marriages are increasingly becoming accepted. How long then before an arranged same-sex marriage? Consider: She has been a hell-cat, a tearaway – no longer! Those days are gone! She is married now – to a woman! A stern, hard-faced older woman hell-bent on domesticating her in a manner no man ever could. Just a year in and already she is a very changed girl, all defiance being lovingly squeezed from her like pips from a lemon. She'd been a reluctant bride of course, a committed boy-chaser beforehand. But her guardian had known what she was doing when she'd placed her future spouse over her a year previous to the ceremony as her governess. “If you can tame her, you can claim her”. 

Well, as you can see I managed to get a 'donate' button in the sidebar.  But it took half the day; it was WELL hidden on Paypal, I must say.  Almost everything I tried ended with me being directed to 'upgrade', which doubtless would have cost money I don't have.  I just hope people don't take its presence wrong.


bill boquet said...

Well i supposed that the best way for you to make money is to write stories that people want to read. Maybe shorter books but more frequently. I see bdsm writer publishing short books (40.000 words) at least once a month. Of course the stories are quite similar but with the help of your reader and the will to expend your own "tastes" you might be able to do the same. I personally like the controlling of young girls aspect of your stories but do not really get your fetish for nurses' uniforms. I also like the "medical" universe but would welcome a change of environment, perhaps elaborate more on the after the girls are tamed and domesticated. These are my thoughts but in the end it s your choice. Anyway i am looking forward to your next book for which i will gladly pay.

Anonymous said...

I was happy to donate and I will do so again.

Anonymous said...

Me too! I sent a donation yesterday. Though I wasn't gong to say. Lets hope the blighter appreciates it! Like Bill, above, I too think making the work shorter but publishing more often might be more compatible with modern reading habits than the sort of magnum opus type of thing Garth has produced in the past, taking a year or even two to complete and totalling some crazy word count. Volume 3 of the Institutionalised series could have formed 3 books with a bit of editing and reordering of chapters. It's chock full of ideas so I can understand it running away with him and he doesn’t always write in the order it appears in the book but it should be possible to exercise a bit of self discipline and finish off a few chapters before moving on to some new inspiration or other and get that part published first. How about a part work type of thing, Garth, put out in instalments as you go along. A serial in other words?

The Intrepid Fox

Toyntanen said...

Hi Bill

Quite a few folk – some via direct email - have suggested I embrace the modern ebook-driven trend towards shorter books. I think I would find great difficulty integrating the number of ideas I am presently writing the new book around in a short form, in particular setting the scene when more than one location and set of characters is involved – as is the case in the new book. On the other hand, putting it out in shorter bite-sized chunks as I go along might be a possibility and is something I am currently looking in to as is serialisation rather than full, yet shorter, books as such (see Intrepid Fox's comment below).

One problem I have immediately encountered is the fact that I had been hoping to write it in a linear style as any other type of novel on any bookshop shelf rather than hop back and forth through time as I have in the past, even though I have more of the later scenes written at present than the earlier ones. Because of the genre and the expectations of that readership, even using the simple linear story telling style I'd have had to have had some sort of opening paragraph or paragraphs from later on in the tale before returning to the present as the book opens simply because a hell of a lot of people read 5 – 10% (which Amazon, for example, allows) before deciding to buy. If that first percentage outlines events of, shall we say, more vanilla in taste, yet important to the tale about to unfold many might well choose not to buy. This situation is exacerbated when a short part-work or serialised form is used as in that case it is possible that a large proportion of that first episode will be swallowed up in vanilla-ish opening scene setting and context painting.

Contrast with that latter concern the importance of ending in some sort of 'cliff hanger' in the shorter serialised form and the danger of losing that impact by giving away too much of later events in those all important attention-grabbing opening paragraphs. At the same time, within those same opening paragraphs it is also important to get across the idea that, while very much a corporal punishment and discipline based novel, there is much way out of the ordinary to look forward to, that this is NOT just another 'spanked for smoking behind the cycle shed' type of thing, very MUCH not a stereotypical spanking novel. I'm sure you see the problem.

So while I'm looking into serialisation and getting out the first part relatively quickly, doing so is proving to take a great deal of thought and planning.

Hi Anonymous (1). I can't thank you enough!

Hi Anonymous (2) (Intrepid Fox). I have to say, this 'blighter' appreciates your generosity very much indeed! Not to mention find it touching! 'Intrepid Fox', an interesting choice of nomenclature: One of my favourite London pubs in times gone by has been The Intrepid Fox, a rock / heavy metal establishment then in Wardour street, Soho. Now relocated to Archway, North London I believe. Have you any connection with or frequent that establishment?