Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Hostage of Discipline?

I spotted this photo someplace and couldn't resist it - or rather I couldn't resist playing about with it.

This could so easily be a scene from the new book, but I’m saying no more than that, for now!


Anonymous said...

What a tease

Anonymous said...

Having you hair cut short is a horrible sanction. I spent 18 months with a bowl cut above my ears and my fringe cut right back. It is not only unattractive but makes you look and feel childish.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Anonymous 1!

"What a tease" ? Wot, me? Well... Yeah! Ain't I just!

Hi there Anonymous 2! Thanks for that experiencial insight. But you neglect to mention whether you are male or female, it makes a big difference (or at least I think it does, for what it's worth).

Anonymous said...

My short haircut was matched with a plain dress and cardigan to ensure that even in my twenties I was treated as much younger. It was horrible