Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Hi Chaps and chapesses!  Another of those jolly little pictures that jump-starts the little grey cells.  And they really DO need jump-starting at present!  Of course it alludes in some way to the latest outpourings I have been working on, but whether that particular project will come to fruition is another matter.  

I have several part-finished projects on my hard drives, and usually it is because I have just lost interest or taken a dive into depression and not resurfaced until the original concept has sort of gone out of focus; with the way I work momentum is everything, and as it is I am also working closely with Roger Benson on an art project of his which means there are already breaks in my productivity.  The latter is not helped by the fact that my home Internet connection has been clobbered by a bad phone line (noisy, crackling - it has been raining!), is running BELOW the old-style dial-up speed and I'm dealing with 4-5+ Mb files with Roger's drawings which means I'm having to go the pub to receive new work from him at upload the finished product (which in turn means I have been drinking FAR to much, which is not a good thing).  But none of this is what is REALLY putting the kibosh on my writing projects.  

What is really getting under my skin is my having discovered my stuff being offered  free, gratis and for nothing on some sort of file sharing site!!!  Now, I make precious little out of this lark as it is - but I DO like to think I make SOMETHING out of it... 

Sorry I've not got back to you, Non-Victorian Chick.  I will do - very soon, maybe even today if I don't get TOO pissed, I promise (inebriated, not necessarily angry - although I might well manage both!).

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Garth. I'm sure you have lots going on, and it's not like of you don't get back to me a certain date I'm going to track you down and kick your ass. (hehe) By the way, the picture is really striking. Looks like those memory deficit treatments are working.

And it's not really what happens after they empty her head. It's what happens when she realizes what they're doing to her. That they are emptying her head. they're taking her memory, bit by bit. And then comes the panic, and the desperation...

The Non Victorian Chick