Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Studying the Effects of Toileting Under Close Supervision

I call this one: 'Lesbian harassment in a private secure psychiatric unit'.  An image forged from an amalgam of three computer generated images originally produced by Angela Fox and put together by Garth Toyntanen.  The images were originally destined for a comic book or adult graphic novel loosely based on scenes taken from all three novels of the  INSTITUTIONALISED series (which may yet go ahead, prompted by the fact that I worked on this one fresh today).  The enema chair comes from an earlier set originally intended for an illustrated version of INSTITUTIONALISED VOLUME 3: A CONTINUUM OF DISCIPLINE.  The wall board I created today.  If I say INSTITUTIONALISED VOL 1 was subtitled 'BEYOND THE STANFORD EXPERIMENT'  you might get some idea of what is going on.   Of course, nothing is ever as simple as meets the eye, all is not as 'voluntary' as it might have started out - and there are shadowy figures in the background conspiring to ensure... Oh well, I expect you can guess... Or make your own storyline up - that is often much more fun.  But let me in on it - that is why I started writing my own stuff in the first place.

"Fully supervised toileting means exactly what it says - close scrutiny throughout!  But it must feel nice to get out of those smelly old pyjamas, hmm?  They make you look like a real mental patient - you look almost normal like this.  Now, what's all that squirming about?  Ahh, what's this, these raised weals?  Has Miss Swanley had to cane you again?  Sting do they?  Even when I brush my fingertips across your bottom THIS gently?  But you like my finger going up your bottom like this, though, don’t you, hmmm?  And my hand running across your breast?  ...   get those hands back on your head!  Now, why don't you wiggle your bottom against my hand, help my finger slide deeper in there?  Come on - wriggle that bottom!  There's going to be something MUCH  larger going up there in a minute - and then hold back as much as you want but you're going to be evacuating your bowels in a metal bucket while I watch.  How do you think THAT will make you feel, hmm?  Yes, I'm going to make you into SUCH a nice quiet mental patient!"


Colin said...

Hi, I sent you an email last week containing the Superman pics that you wanted.
As you haven't replyed I'm presuming your spam folder got it.
Let me know if you want it resending.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Colin!

Thanks for that!

I have emailed back a couple of times, but from my phone which sometimes causes a problem.