Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Girl in an Amazing Place - and a Procedure Unspeakable

A Procedure To Groom A Girl By


 “What an amazing place this is!  So quiet, so… secluded.  You’d never know it was here.  But I do wonder if they’re looking after her a little TOO well – just look at the size of that bottom.   

Mind you, that examination gown doesn’t hide much… Oh look!  She must have misbehaved again – someone has already warmed up her bottom; and recently by the looks of things.  That must really smart; well, it’s going to smart a lot more in a minute!”

“Don’t you think she’s going to sign today then, aunty?”

“Not a chance, Cynthia!  She was trying to get a message to you, trying to get you to come here, help get her out, get a message through to her fiancé…  Would YOU like to do the honours, Cynthia?  After all – you’re the one she trusts, apparently.”
 “Gosh, really aunty?”

“Yes, of course.  “

"But… I don't know.  She hasn’t done anything wrong… I mean… Perhaps she’d sign if I told her what has happened… I’m not so sure I should…"

 “What you SHOULD do is as you're told!  Besides, you shouldn’t think of it as punishment - it’s therapy, all part of her therapy.  Now, I want you to give her a damn good thrashing, Cynthia, really hard - you just think of all the problems she has created for YOU in the past… And THEN you can tell her the good news – I know you’ve been dying to - all the events that have happened while she’s been in here, how fickle that young man of hers really turned out to be, how he is your husband now.  I’m sure she’ll be grateful you saved her from all that heartache…”

"And the baby?  Should I tell her about the baby?  I know it shows now but...  Well, you said she'd been... you know... had a procedure... I mean how terrible for her - I didn't know they did that sort of thing in these places nowadays...  I mean, I know they USED to.  But nowadays?  To be... to have that procedure... to see someone in MY condition and know that she won't ever be able to... " 

"It was the cost of her outburst last time - that's all - don't let it worry your pretty little head.  If you MUST know; no, it is NOT the kind of thing that happens nowadays, not without good cause.  I had it done, it was my idea.  You'll find there are a great many things one can get done if one has sufficient influence.  So, yes, I WANT her to know about the baby - but don't say anything.  Just let her see for herself and draw her own conclusions when the nurses let her up at the end.  I want to see her eyes when it dawns on her - it's the perfect time.  

As for the procedure itself - only I and one other knows exactly what has been done, though the stitches and soreness should be a clue...  You know - I don't think I'm even going to ask her to sign anything today.  I think I'll just have you give her a damn good caning. and we'll go.  We'll come back after the tour, in three months, see how she's faring then.  With what I've done - or rather, had done - I doubt there will be any need for a signature at that point!  Now, off you trot, go over there and play your part - you know you want to, you can't fool me; I can see it by the gleam in your eyes, sheer glee"

A gleam in her eyes?  Yes, very much so - she'd groomed the girl well; SHE wouldn't be getting away from her any time soon.  Yes, she could safely say she'd got BOTH girls right where she wanted them now!


Storyline - Garth Toyntanen.  The picture origin I am uncertain of - but aint it great! Could have been straight out of my INSTITUTIONALISED series!  Or at least inspired by it. )


Anonymous said...

The image is by Sardax, a femdom artist. The "victim" is almost certainly supposed to be a male. Google Sardax and you'll find a zillion references. The image has had the signature cropped.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Anonymous (I so wish you folk would think up some names!), and thanks for the heads-up on that one!

Yeah I know sardax's work quite well - or thought I did - he's been around a long while now. And he's British, which would certainly fit in with what appear to be British nurses' uniforms (although something about their caps looks sort of American to me).

But saying all that, I wouldn't have instantly recognized the style as Sardax - although the rendering of the girl on the right and the use of all that dense black is suggestive of his work. It does seem odd that anyone would crop out his signature (or the Sardax website URL)as his work is all over the internet on countless blogs and websites, all with that info in plain sight.

The only other version of this I have ever seen is the original whis is around on various Tumblr blogs (but nowhere else it seems. This I have now tracked down and - as you will see if you follow the link below - has no signature or other identifying marks


Under the circumstances I'll probably have to take it down, since Sardax is something of a heavyweight with all manner of warnings regarding the use of his work on his site! Which is a shame because it makes for such an evocative image, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a site with a version of the image that shows the signature:


Plus this particular image is slightly higher quality than the one you used.

I do agree that I would be reluctant to use a Sardax image without permission.

Toyntanen said...

Hi again Anon!

It's not that I didn't beleive you, just that I hadn't seen that paticular image before and wasn't sure of the style.

Plus I didn't know why anyone would have cropped it when there are so many of his drawings all over the internet on various people's sites and blogs with his signature / site URL intact.

I took a look at your link and one thing struck me (not that it really matters a hoot. Whoever originaly did this did not crop the image at all. A quick comparison reveals the Sardax URL has been covered over in some way. Yes there is a tiny bit more of the picture at the bottom, but the URL is just below the creases in the right hand woman's sleave. So someone has gone to a little more trouble then just cropping.

Under the circumstances I'll probably just retire it.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Garth, Don't get yourself in trouble, Because I want you writing more stuff, not up to your eyeballs in legal problems over copyright. Or anything else. That having benn said, yeah, it's a remarkable image, and evocative, and it does loom like it came from the worlds you imagine. As for procedure...it's awfully extreme. But... it does fit in with the general idea of the Institution.

The Non Victorian Chick

Toyntanen said...

Hi Non Victorian Chick

For some reason, although your comment got through to me via email (as they all do), it failed to pop up here. This happens from time to time, but I've no idea why. So I posted it up on your behalf.

Also for some reason, whenever I see your 'nom de plume' I imagine Abby out of NCIS. Do you look like Abby? Oh well, whatever!

Well you should know me better by now to know I'd never have any of my characters carry out such a procedure for REAL... Or would I?

Anonymous said...

Sardax image without permission

Sardax website

Toyntanen said...

Yes I know. That's why I removed it.