Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - The Final Countdown

Well, not quite: 

This post was SUPPOSED to have gone out on Christmas day - but then again I was supposed to have been back from my winter soijon to the Canary Islands on Christmas eve.  I don't know how many of you monitor the news from back here in the UK, but while I was away there was, apparently, a massive storm which knocked out the power to London Gatwick airport's north terminus, with the resault that the aircraft which was to have returned me to the UK at lunch time on Christmas eve from Tenerife was still on the ground in the UK at half past five in the afternoon! 

Consequently I ended up spending Christmas eve night in the same hotel I had been staying at (a good thing!) but found myself being shipped out to Gatwick yestereday, spending the vast majority of Christmas day traveling (a BAD thing - VERY!!!). 

Had I flown by one of the 'budget airlines' such as Easy Jet I'd have been there still, as Easy Jet weren't flying Christmas day.  But I'd flown Thomson - and they (as part of their 'customer service') had decided to do their very best to get their customers back to the UK 'in time for Christmas'.  Huraaah! 


But hang on...  It's Christmas day... and I'm in Gatwick (near Brighton, on the UK's South Coast) and it's Christmas day... and nothing's running, I.E there is NO transport - NO trains, NO buses, NOTHING!  So I have to get a taxi - but it's Christmas - an in the full spirit of the season the taxi drivers have thought of a number, added a bit (for Christmas 'good will'), and then doubled it!!! 

So the long and the short of it is: I was left feeling like I'd pulled my own bum cheeks apart!

But now the main (and best?) point:.

I am making my latest book ....  Wait for it.... And this should have been Christmas day - I am making my new book available FREE... yes!   FREE!  Free, gratis and for nothing....  On New Years Day!  Watch this space!!  The countdown begins!!!


Orage said...

"Free, gratis and for nothing"
How's that? Have you won the jackpot in Tenerife's casino?

Toyntanen said...

Hi Orage! Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and yours!

Nah! It's actually a combination of things. Partly it's that I am inpatient to get it out. But also... well, it is not as if these things earn all that much revnue any way. Couple to that the fact that it has not been properly proof-read (something for whch I owe you - among others - a debt of gratitude for your work on previous publications) and that I am not THAT confident of the way it will be received, given that it deals with homosexuality among other dubious themes. In addtion, I have yet to bring myself to design any cover art for the project - which tells a story all of its own, given that quite often in these things it is the art aspect I most enjoy.

In a way, though, the time is ripe for such a tale here in the UK, as recently the press has been full of reports revolving around contraversal attempts to 'cure gayness', something which was huge in the period in which my story is set - the early 1960s. It is just that my paticular psychological research investigator has her own idiosyncratic approach to elucidating the 'cause' of the 'problem'...