Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Alice Under Discipline 2 - Alice And The New Magdalene Laundries - Now Out On LULU!

 Hi folks!  Just a quick note to say that Alice Under Discipline Book 2: Alice and the New Magdalene Laundries, is now officially out on LULU (click to visit).  Unofficially it has been knocking around there for a couple of weeks but I didn't really want to make an announcement until I had had a little more feedback and had time to correct any typos which might have crept past my trusty proof readers.  To be perfectly honest I have subtitled it on the front cover  'Alice and the New Magdalene Laundries' in the unashamed hope of feeding off some of the renewed interest in the British media of late over those infamous establishments.  The slightly longer subtitle which occurs on LULU only of  '...or the tale of a modern lass caned and spanked over the knee of governess, nurse and nun' is all about catching the eye of LULU's search engine.   

Only published as a PDF download at present it has yet to be furnished with a cover or marketing image, but when I have time to do a little Artwork I'll make it available as a paperback and then offer it to my ebook / epub publishers, Andrews UK LTD.  When it comes to cover art I think good ol' Louis Malteste has come up trumps again here.  And as his stuff is out of copyright I might use one of his pieces as a sort of ghostly background image as I did before on the front cover of the original Alice Under Discipline Book One.  Yes, I am well aware that the cover was banned (well, rejected at least) by Amazon or one of the other outlets and  that Andrews UK LTD was therefore forced to employ one of their stock covers for that particular title.  But the problem was never about the Louis Malteste background spanking imagery, nor the stern-looking cane-wielding nurse figure; rather their gripe was over the hand in the foreground and the depiction of proffered pharmaceuticals (the drug capsules in its palm).  A similar consideration applies to this work - right - which is by one Léon Roze.


Orage said...

"their gripe was over the hand in the foreground and the depiction of proffered pharmaceuticals (the drug capsules in its palm)."

How corny can they get!!!!

Orage said...

I meant stuffy.

Toyntanen said...

I liked the first one - corny - seems apt where a palm is concerned; calluses built up from all those hand-spankings it has delivered you see! I guess that's why God has given us leather and kid gloves Orage.