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A Punishment PT Session Begins - A Tiny Snipet from an Upcoming New Book

A very belated Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.  Sorry I have been more than a little negligent about updating the blog but I travelled to Tenerife in the Canaries for the Christmas period and neglected to update the site before leaving... And then it all sort of rushed up on me.  I Flew out on the 19th after a fairly last minute booking, returned on Boxing day (which is a little weird I guess - but loads cheaper).  Then everything was displaced, I ended up at the other half's place - my main computer is housed elsewhere and I don't use hers - then there was a bit shopping and family things in the lead up to New years eve - and New years day I traditionally take my mum to lunch; which means a few beers and usually the start of a multi-day bender (the kids are away at their gran's and there's no one at home at the flat to complain nor care, you see).  I had intended to update while away but it is difficult from my Notebook computer nowadays (I'm updating from it now and I'll have to return to edit, tidy up and add pics etc later - probably tomorrow).  Anyhow - here is a tiny snippet from a new book I have been working on to whet your appetite:

PT and Tutus In The Playroom

 As always Flora McBainstone radiated good health, the fluorescents highlighting her even, white teeth and adding a chill to her wintry smile. She stood with her hands on her hips surveying the scene, adopting that typically wide-footed, well-balanced stance of hers that betrayed her martial arts background. She rarely wore much in the way of make-up but today the way in which her face had been made up was almost theatrical. Large almond-shaped emerald green eyes glittered with subtly menacing delight behind over-blown eye shadow of close to the same hue and her high, haughty cheekbones had been picked out with rouge against her near translucent paper-white complexion like autumn-ripe windfall apples in an early frost. Her long typically Celtic red hair rather than being swept back from her face in her customary ponytail was today piled up and pinned back on top of her head behind a tortoiseshell comb device where it formed a small neat beehive of writhing, coiling tendrils.

Today Miss Flora McBainstone’s supple, wiry-muscled yet full feminine figure was clad in a long sleeved emerald green leotard worn over opaque white pantyhose. A pair of rubber soled dance pumps adorned her feet, emerald green ankle warmers covered her shins and around her shoulders she wore a thin white cardigan left open over the leotard. If anything had been missed from the image of the strict domineering ballet teacher she had conjured it was certainly not in the department of ‘encouragement’. A long, thin, tapering white plastic switch hung loosely by her side from a carrying strap looped around her right wrist, an implement so devilishly pliable that it wobbled from end to end with the slightest movement.

The Wonderous Rosaleen Young in the best (in the author's opinion) ballet spanking photo set ever - and a great inspiration!
The statuesque gym teacher once held the post of chief physical fitness instructress in one of Her Majesty's Government’s ‘young offender’s institutes’. That had been back in the day when the experimental regime that had become infamously known as the ‘short sharp shock’ had been the order of the day’. She had been in charge of that part of the system the institute’s brochure had glowingly referred to as ‘inmate rehabilitation through physical fitness’ but that was euphemistically termed by the staff ‘PE’ or physical education and that was in actuality – in Flora McBainstone’s hands at least - forced PT. It had been partly her ‘over exuberance’ in her involvement with the latter that had been her downfall and that had led to her disgraced exit from the service. At least it had been the instigating trigger of the investigation that had followed – the ‘over exuberance’ that had resulted in her undergoing a certain period of incarceration herself, not to mention being placed on the ‘sexual offender’s register’, referred to another area entirely, although not entirely unrelated.

Suffice it to say that the downright terror she had engendered in even the toughest of the female delinquent inmates had been something one had to witness in order to completely appreciate; there had been something almost tangible about the aura of authority surrounding her when she had been at the head of a class of bending, leaping and squat-thrusting young women, the shrill sound of the whistle she carried around her neck cutting through the air. That much hadn’t changed; she still carried that silver plated whistle strung around her neck on its navy and gold ribbon lanyard. Her ability to engender fear merely through her appearance hadn’t dissipated over time either, if anything she had become psychologically more astute in the way she presented herself.

Certainly the pair of teenagers presently nervously fidgeting under her gaze viewed her with no little trepidation. Subtly twisting and turning and self-consciously clasping their hands nervously before them, the look in the two girls’ widening eyes spoke of nothing short of phobic terror. It was a look that the gym mistress knew well of old; it made her smile, the red gash of lipstick defining her broadly stretching thin lips somehow managing to bring an even harder edge to features that tended to the angular, if feminine and surprisingly refined.

Like their gym mistress the two girls were also clad in leotards, but there, with that term ‘leotard’, the similarity ended. Whereas their teacher’s was modestly opaque and generous in its styling and cut, the leotards worn by her two ‘pupils’ were skin-tight, high-cut at the hips and of a shiny, scantily sheer nylon fabric laced through with just enough Lycra fibre to ensure a suitably contour-conforming fit. Indeed, although superficially styled on the traditional school leotard, the skimpy garments accentuated every curve and bulge they covered while conspiring to leave the large majority of the wearer’s bottom open to the elements. The rear consisted of little more than an expanded backseam, perhaps a finger-and-a-half width of fabric running from the rear of the gusset panel and up between the buttock cheeks.

Far worse than the exposure per se - as far as young Alice Marchment was concerned at least – was the rationale behind the design and the manner in which the garment tended to both draw the buttocks apart while pressing them rearward; the styling made even Angel’s slim boyish backside appear fulsome, and her own heart-shaped creation positively bottom-heavy. The former rationale was of course to ease access of the girl's bottom to the encouragement provided by the gym mistress’ cane or switch; the latter styling aspect was partly a consequence of the selfsame feature that was presently causing the backseam of Alice’s leotard to protrude outward from between her full-bottomed cheeks like a miniature glossy black tent.

At the front both girls’ Lycra-covered crotches notably puckered inward around a circular indentation sited between the clearly and embarrassingly delineated outline of their labia as if something there were drawing in the fabric. Higher up and Alice’s full breasts were thrusting out into the stretched, thin material of her leotard like a pair of torpedoes giving off black stretch-nylon bow waves, held in place and kept elevated by a built-in underwired support. Even her companion’s flat chested form had been persuaded to make a showing of fabric covered cleavage.

Both girls’ hardened nipples were protruding shamefully out into the air, extruded through a pair of rubber-lined, elasticated sphincter-like circular openings sewn in to the front to their costumes - a favourite target for their gym teacher’s martinet on those days she chose to wield it; she believed in concentrating correction around those areas most closely associated with a girl’s sexuality. The latter was all about creating ambiguity in a girl’s mind, arousal with punishment and punishment with arousal - and all stirred together with the exposure of her own body and the sight of the displayed female form. It all came together in the form of a confused and conflicted sexuality.

But it was the site of the tented protrusion at Alice’s rear that had caught the gym teacher’s eye – and her ire. True the girl had only just that minute drawn on her leotard, but Flora McBainstone could plainly see the girl’s coy attempts to avoid the inevitable back there, wriggling her buttocks and self-consciously plucking at the fabric from time to time with the fingers of her left hand as if somehow that would avoid her notice. She was across the floor in two broad strides, whipping the switch across the backs of the girl’s thighs before landing a slap with her outstretched palm squarely on the apex of that dinky little tent protruding between the girl’s buttocks. There came a squeal of shocked pain from Alice, then a breathless gasp as the ‘tent’ disappeared, the fabric flattening and pulling in to the crease between her bottom cheeks urged on by the rubbery elasticity of the leotard’s back seam.

“There! Is that better, more comfortable now?” Again reaching behind Alice’s back the tight-lipped, smiling gym instructress gave a little tug at the top of the backseam, at the point at which the fabric broadened out into the body of the girl’s leotard. Then coming closer still, her breath brushing Alice’s flushed cheek, she reached lower, pressing her index finger on the button-like thickening at the centre of the leotard’s back seam and manipulating it with a circular motion. There came a sharp yet playful slap to Alice's naked rump - and with that the gym teacher was gone, striding across to retake her place standing on a raised platform before the two girls.

In the cloying warmth of the room a thin sheen of perspiration was already adding a healthy shine to both girls’ flesh, the delicately musky perfume of feminine sweat lingering on the air. Flora McBainstone took a deep breath, coughed out her instructions and blew on her whistle. Simultaneously she set the metronome she had set up on the table by her side in motion – she couldn’t see the need to have the distraction of music intruding into the proceedings. Smiling almost playfully, but with an unmistakably cruel twist to her lips, the gym mistress slashed her riding crop through the air, making the leather tab at its end whistle and both girls to wince in fearsome anticipation.

“Plié – demi-plié first… Begin!”

Both girls began to slowly drop, their knees pulling wide apart and the gussets of their leotards pulling correspondingly tightly into their crotches. In the demi-plié the dancer bends at the knees keeping her thighs and knees directly above the line of her toes while maintaining her feet turned outwards to either side.

“Now, let’s move it up another notch, shall we? Grand-plié…up, down, up down...”

The grand-plié meant performing that same sideward-facing knee bend motion but taking it down to the deepest possible position, the motion fluidic and continuous, not as much as pausing at the downward extreme before reversing the motion and rising by straightening the legs equally smoothly.

“Up…down… up… down…”


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you back in action. Based on the characters you are doing the long awaited second chapter of Alice Under Discipline. That w story had all sorts of interesting possibilities and I am looking forward to its continuation, and learning just what sort of "accessories" are under those leotards.

Toyntanen said...

Thanks for that Mr, Miss, Mrs or Ms Anonymous.

Yes, you're right; it is the second part of Alice Under Discipline I have been working on. I have had a large portion completed for rather a long time but had lost enthusiasm for a while so your encouragement is most welcome.

As for hat sort of "accessories" are under those leotards: I had to truncate / edit the section somewhat before posting specifically to avoid being too detailed - not so much to avoid giving the game away as to avoid Blogger coming down on me as regards 'offensive material'; the atmosphere here in Briton is becoming a little 'judgemental' nowadays, especially in light of all the revelations / allegations regarding certain once popular figures in the British press of late.

By the way, I have not been ‘off the air’ completely over the holiday period. I took my notebook computer with me over Christmas but WiFi access was expensive at the hotel I was staying and I couldn’t justify the cost, not given the little financial return the books make (I’ve just about reached the point where my income from writing roughly balances the unemployment / job-seeker’s benefit payments I would get if I were to claim). I did however do quite a bit towards a book / author profile aimed at ‘The Well Red Weekly’ ezine and in the lead up to Christmas, while still in the UK I wrote another piece for that same ezine (an off-shoot of the excellent ‘Library of Spanking Fiction’ web site – find the link for the blog under ‘L’ for library in the sidebar blog listing and go explore from there) and I hope that particular piece will go out in the next edition, which I’m led to believe will likely be towards the end of this month, depending on how many contributions they receive.

I still have a way to go on that author / book profile piece mentioned above, but I hope to have it too ready in time for that edition – if they want to use it. Basically the article is planed to be an outline of the plotting of the first three books – the INSTITUTIONALISED trilogy, but while adding something of the rationale behind the plot direction and also what drove me to begin writing (and in that particular direction) in the first place… Which basically comes down with my dissatisfaction with the spanking fiction I was coming across in the late 1970s through the 1980s, when we spanking aficionados had to brave the public glare of the local newsagent or at very least the relative anonymity of the Janus bookshop in Old Compton Street, in London’s Soho, (where one could still be observed popping in an out and embarrassing comments sometimes overheard – I used to wait until after dark in the winter months – late afternoon – or hang around in the Coach And Horses pub for a quiet moment, poping in and out to check from time to time!).

Now; I’ve got a cold at the moment and so have awarded myself a couple of days away from the gym to recover (I used the hotel gym twice per day over Christmas – including a single visit on Christmas day itself – so I don’t feel too guilty) and so I’ll be getting on with both projects, Alice book 2 and the ezine piece, and expect to make a little headway for once. I learned my lesson back in the late 90s when suffering from cold / flu symptoms and already exhausted I hit the gym for ‘one more session’ prior to the annual London – Brighton cycle ride in June… and ended up with pneumonia (not fun – though it is true that I actually cycled to the hospital for my chest x-ray; I threw up – twice! – on the way… And on the way back!!!)

Been there, done that!, been an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Great to here that the next volume of Alice is underway.

As I recall from the first volume the Governess had seen to it to slip one of the girls a diuretic which caused the young lady to have an unfortunate wetting accident while being made to stand in the corner of the attic classroom. The Governess then mused that she soon planned to have the girl in nappies and plastic pants. Well ... I think a lot of us would like to see that happen ... to both girls; to the first girl out of "necessity" and to Alice as just to be "fair" and treat both girls equally.

I suggest that the Governess administer a sleeping pill (specially prepared capsules) to each girl at bedtime to insure that they both get plenty of much needed rest and that the capsule given to the first girl also contain a large dose of a powerful diuretic. Then after several unfortunate bedwetting episodes by the first girl the Governess will have the excuse she needs to apply double terry nappies with a soaker pad and a big pair of baby style plastic pants to the first girl at bedtime. Of course, to be "fair" and treat both girls "equally" the Governess will apply identical nappies and plastic baby pants to Alice and then put both girls into new juvenile style footed sleep suits that zip up the back and lock behind the collar.

In the morning the first girl's terry nappies will be soaked while Alice's will still be dry although she will be in desperate need of relief. When the Governess releases both girls from their sleep suites and their nappies an plastic pants Alice will have to quickly sit on the toilet while the other girl is lead to the shower to be rinsed off from the waist down. This will be the morning routine for some days and Alice will be thankful that she has not lost her nighttime control like her most unfortunate roommate. But then the Governess will begin to introduce ever increasing incremental doses of diuretic medication to Alices's sleeping capsule until the desired results are obtained and the sweet young thing begins to wake up each morning with soaking wet nighttime nappies and plastic pants securely locked beyond her reach under her tamperproof sleep suit. From there the nappies and plastic pants routine could be extended into the day with the substitution of a locking back-zip romper style security suit (as recently suggested by another follower of your work) with the addition of juvenile school uniforms or playtime style frocks with very short skirts that do nothing to hide the telltale bulge of the nappies and plastic under the well stuffed romper bottoms. PT sessions could, of course, still be performed in the special leotards with the special appliances hidden inside as you have described. Other costumes could be worn for other supervised activities such as severe corsets for walking and posture training sessions. But when ever the girls are given time to themselves such as for corner standing sessions and during the evenings and always at bedtime they could be put back into nappies and plastic pants under their locking romper suits or secure sleep suits.

I am sure you have your own ideas about how the Governess can most effectively introduce the girls to the wearing of nappies and plastic pants, but in case you have not yet had a chance to add such refinements to the continuing adventures of Alice, I figured that it could not hurt to post another suggestion or two from another one of your fans.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been ill, and I hope you get well soon. I've been pretty sick myself. Flu season here in the States has been pretty awful, and I got hit with a really nasty bug. It didn't turn into pneumonia, but it was close.

Yeah, i'm kinda crious about the accessories. I always thought that rubber cap thingie they put on Lavinia was wicked. And i'm glad you're picking up the next chapter of ALice. I'm looking forward to it.

I used to know a girl who was studying ballet. She was always stretching to keep herself limber, and always watching every bite she ate. It's a very rigorous discipline, and it always seemed a little bit sadistic.

The Non Victorian Chick

Toyntanen said...

Hi There, the other (I assume) Mr, Miss, Mrs or Ms Anonymous! Well; wow! Such a blizzard (very apt considering the weather here) of ideas; a veritable inspirational snow drift! It seems to me You've very nearly written the piece yourself. I for one enjoyed reading it as is. Indeed I found myself rationing myself to a few lines at a time, savoring the anticipation of the next few, the next creative revelation; it brought back the heady days of rushing home clutching some rare Janus Magazine back-number purchased from the Janus Shop in Old Compton Street, Soho (sadly gone now – and much missed, though they have a spanking – ho, ho – new site on the 'web' that is worth visiting). The purchase would very often be based on just a few lines glimpsed of a readers letter or some promising looking article (I'm hoping to include additional recollections in this vein in a piece I am hoping to offer the 'Well Red Weekly' ezine illustrating the ethos behind my writing).

In particular I loved (and love) the idea you offer up of those 'juvenile style, footed sleep suits' zip-fastening up the back, the zipper locking behind the collar (I envisage an over-kill brassy padlock gracing the nap of the neck, just to make the point) and the idea of the locking back-zippered romper-style security suit . Whether I'll be able to incorporate these ideas in the present work remains to be seen – but as for a later work (assuming I continue to fail to find employment) who knows; watch this place! Or have I perhaps visited that territory already? Hmm? That would be telling!

A big hello goes out to you, there, 'The Non Victorian Chick'! It might sound naive but I hadn't realized the States actually had a Flu season; I kind of envisaged you hailing from California, where everything is idyllic and all! Sorry to hear you have been laid low. I didn't actually contract flu (there doesn't seem to be much around much this year, and I've been inoculated anyway) but I have had a stinking cold (which I've still got).

The rigorous discipline of ballet has seemed a little sadistic in the accounts I've read, which attracted me to using it within a punishment PT framework. Then there was that famous Janus magazine photo-set of the mid 1980s I have alluded to (which I always thought missed a trick in not using the tutu; something rectified more recently in that marvelous Rosaleen Young set (yummy). But there is more catch 22 type torment in the new book (I know you like that sort of thing); I can't tell you much, other than it revolves around a certain girl's (annoyingly angelic) choir-girl singing voice!

WIP Guy said...

I loved the story too, Garth.I've also been ill over Xmas and the New Year but pleased to be back (though almost snowed in)now .Punishmebnt prison or young offenders institute is defintely a fetish of mine!(with the old style plimsolls of course..)

WIP Fan said...

And a very happy new year to Garth and Non Victorian Chick.I'm pleased you are both feeling better!

Toyntanen said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend too WIP Fan! Yeah the women's prison or young offenders institute as a backdrop to an institutional discipline storyline is deceptively seductive, until you consider all the safeguards, checks and inspections likely to be incorporated within such a system in the modern era.

What is needed to make it work in a plausible manner is some level or aspect of legitimized autonomy built in, as might still just about be possible in a setup within a larger trusted institution such as the Church or perhaps some sort of cult scenario.

Sure a totalitarian state offers up all sorts of possibilities. But any kind of governmental establishment will always have some sort of rational (or not so rational, depending on your point of view) agenda at its core, whether it be 'reformation' and 'rehabilitation' or political 're-education'... But how about the 'religious re-education' that undoubtedly went on behind the cloistered confines of those old Magdalene Laundries? You may well ask.

The point is, that in any realistic government or society sanctioned scenario I can come up with it is difficult to keep sight of that exploitative element, that sense of discipline and punishment just for the sake of it, simply because it might amuse certain interested third parties.

Love the idea of plimsolls, but as applied across some pretty petulant young thing's backside...

But not too young for f&*%s sake! - beware the witch finder-general In Briton the age of consent is no longer enough... But hang on - how old was Charlotte Church when some folk voted her 'Rear of the Year'?... Your 'Thought for Today...

Go back and check out some of those old back numbers of Janus; reader's letters and all; ESPECIALLY the reader's letters. (End of Rant

By for now, from the arctic wastes and snow drifts of Enfield Town... Now to bolt on my crampons for the ascent of Gorden Hill / Lavender Hill, seeking to reach my mother's house at the summit with much-needed supplies.

Mr. Warden said...

I'm also very glad to hear that Alice Pt. 2 is continuing. I hope the saga of her lesbianisation and forced sapphic relationship will not be forgotten - that was one of the most intriguing aspects of the first installment for me!

Toyntanen said...

Hi there Mr. Warden!

Do you know, I think you’re the first person to mention the forced (I like to think ‘encouraged’ lesbianisation (if there is such a word – I guess there is now!) aspect! It is an aspect I have found intriguing for some time now and is something else that allows the storyline to venture beyond the frontiers of spanking for spanking’s sake, as an end in itself.

The ethos behind that latter statement, incidentally, is something I am presently sitting here in snow-bound London struggling with; I am trying to put over the raison d’etre behind my having started out writing my own stuff in an article I am putting together to showcase my books – especially the INSTITUTIONALISED trilogy - aimed at ‘The Well Red Weekly’ ezine. It is proving more difficult than it sounds; I spent a whole 7 days over Christmas wrestling with it sitting by the pool in Tenerife while everyone else around me was snoring off their festive excesses on their sunbeds – and you wouldn’t believe what time you had to get up to snaffle an even halfway-decent spot – and I’m still bloody going at it.

So I guess what I’m saying between the lines is; how far I am going to be able to run with that esbianisation thing depends on how much time I am going to be able to lavish on finishing off the new book – but I know where I’d like it to go, though it is a little cruel.

But where would YOU like that thread to lead? (And that is an invitation extended to everyone and anyone, incidentally – your input is always valued!) Bearing in mind that, although thus far in a domestic setting, there is likely to be an institutional aspect coming in later, a thread crossing over to some modest extent with my last book, ‘VICTORIAN GOVERNANCE IN THE AGE OF FREEDOM’ (I’ve never tried a ‘crossover ’ story before, so that is exciting challange in itself - I hope I can prove equal to it).

Wringer said...

OH my!
mr. anonymous, or at least one of you. Your depiction of the enforced nappies and plastic pants was straight out of my imagination! I can't believe; we are so alike.
Trouble is, when my latest fantasy develops I shall now be accused of plagiarism./
Wonderful imagination, wonderful scenario!

Mr. Warden said...


Well, I'm not storyteller, and I'm not sure where the end result of the enforced lesbianism should be, other than the very excellent end results you've shown already. I quite like the 'inner view' of the poor girl and how she's responding to it in Victorian Governance. I'd hope to see more of that - how the girl(s) in question feel and react to knowingly having their sexuality stripped from their control and molded, being made to respond to an activity whose very essence disgusts them so.

However, you mentioning it taking on an institutional aspect opens up some potential ideas for me. I like the idea of them being led by the carrot and not the stick, so to speak (or at least not entirely by the stick). One concept is that they might be told their psychological profiles show they are 'naturally' lesbians, just repressed, so if they can work through that repression and make a 'breakthrough', then they could be released. The caveat being that they would have to convince their caretakers that they have genuinely accepted their lesbianism.

So this might manifest by volunteering to write break-up letters to their boyfriends on the outside, love letters to their new doctor-selected girlfriends on the inside, asking for pictures of their nurse or governess to masturbate to, asking to show their doctor their masturbation technique, volunteering to undergo hypnosis to show just how much they accept their 'natural lifestyle' (while those sessions may actually be reinforcing their disgust at their lesbian actions in reality), etc. Basically no matter how much they try to show how they've been lesbianised, it will never be enough to convince they doctors they've overcome their repressions, and just spur the girls on to accept their disgusting deviancy more and more.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Mr Wringer, and Mr Warden (how formal!)

I don’t see using an idea or scenario as inspiration - or being influenced by it - as plagiarism, certainly not if one ‘rings the changes’ (campanology no less!) sufficiently. After all; Shakespeare (I think it was) pointed out that there are only so many stories one can tell, all others are just variations on a theme. And the literature out there is littered with descriptions of lockable romper suits, ‘onesies’, footed sleep suits and all the rest; I know; I did a search; there is a real doozy of a candidate here (copy and paste into your browser):

Not lockable, for sure, not as it comes, but it could be with a little thought and a bit of a redesign (great pic and food for thought though, innit?)

And talking of originality of ideas; I doubt there are many really unique ideas in any of my novels / books / tales. They are all areas touch upon by other authors but which have usually either not been developed or not developed far enough. Mostly what I have done is to take it on myself to build on these various ideas, bringing them to what I saw as being their natural conclusion, and create a plausible – ish (I hope) framework in which to build. For instance, all the psychological studies and experimentation are based on real historical studies carried out on real people – some really quite famous, such as the Milgram experiment (the principle of socially conditioned compliance) and the Stanford experiment – as I’ve said, many times before; you really couldn’t make it up!

If I have come up with one really, really, unique idea, it is the concept of using a deliberately (though subtly) induced phobia to gain control over a girl and to develop dependency. Even the concept of encouraging the heroine to believe she is becoming mentally ill has been seen before if you think about it – albeit it less subtly (and dare I say, less artfully) done; Think of the film, ‘Gaslight’, for example. Ok, perhaps a girl’s overbearing governess encouraging a form of hysterical paralysis to set in, as a form of bondage to confine a girl to leg braces and wheelchair, is unique… So two entirely unique ideas – ok, perhaps three, if we consider enforced or surreptitiously encouraged dependency on prescription sedatives or tranquilizers as a way of gaining control and making her compliant to her governess’s wishes… But something sort of similar has been hinted at in several films (movies, you USA types), including one James Bond outing I can think of, and in at least one episode of TV’s Columbo.

Despite all this, I wouldn’t say I have ever knowingly been guilty of plagiarism. I say ‘knowingly’ because one never can be sure what may have snuck in via the subconscious from some long-forgotten book or article or magazine reader’s letters page. But there are always going to be similarities within works of one genre – after all, there are only so many ways one can present a spanking or caning scene. Perhaps if I have had a unique standpoint to offer in my writing thus far it has been in having stepped out of being trapped any one single genre, having sought to integrate a plethora of what I saw as related interests, themes and fetishes... continues...

Toyntanen said...

...continued...The latter statement kind of brings me to Mr Warden’s latest comment. One thing I try to do is offer some insight in to how my heroines feel, the effect all these petty stipulations, eccentric rules, discipline, impositions and the cane and strap has on the girl or girl’s. And the concept of a girl being led by the carrot rather than, or as much as, by the stick is one I have built on throughout my tales; when one of my characters finds she has been manoeuvred in to being confined on a secure psychiatric ward of a private hospital, the point is made that unlike the film ‘Gaslight’ she is not there to be driven mad, rather she finds herself being gently – even kindly - led and encouraged to come to think of her self as mentally ill, step by step.

I am totally, practically in love with the idea of psychological profiling to encourage a young woman’s belief in her propensity to lesbianism. I can imagine it back up by extensive and frequent psychological counselling, with any backsliding discouraged by the therapist’s cane of course.

Talking, as we were earlier, of ideas recycled; the concept of forcing a young woman to write a break-up letter to her boyfriend – or fiancé, in this case – crops up in at least one D/S novel I can think of. I also love the concept of hypnosis sessions which result in reinforcing the girl’s disgust at her lesbian leanings, while presumably strengthening those very same propensities. I have invoked a similar idea to encourage (or worsen) a girl’s coy, red-faced shyness in public in one of my tales. Great stuff!

WIP Fan said...

Hi Garth,

You know why I think I like the womens prison and reform school (18-21 year olds seems good)scenarios so much? (although I do see your point with the state checks.

it seems more fun and just to have stories of bad girls being punished (innocent women subject to discipline just doesen't have the same edge and can seem a bit the inmates also have the guilt ans shame of being a convicted criminal dresed in a prison uniform to deal with..)

Just my strange opinions..)

Anonymous said...

First thank you for your work. I have really enjoyed the "Institutionalised" trilogy. So much that I bought the other two titles and I am looking forward to the Alice sequel. As a personal taste I enjoy the humiliation parts of these young ladies and the absolute control enforced on them. Having those young things, you keep their age quite uncertain, under absolute physical and mental bonds is what i thing the essence of DS. Except that in this case the S is not really consensual. Regarding Alice I too was looking forward to her forced 'conversion' to sapphism. May I suggest a developed chapter on what these young women are becoming once they are turned into scared little girls. The day to day life of an indentured servant can be quite intriguing and I am pretty sure even more control can be visited on them in form of humiliating tasks/uniforms/punishments/behaviours. Finally who said that forced lesbianism could not be visited upon siblings.
Franck DeSade

Anonymous said...

OK< maybe in absolute numbers you haven't had all that many "unique ideas", but the ones you have had are pretty darned unique. The inducd phobia thing was one of the ideas that really hooked me about your stories. And the idea of inducing hysterical paralysis...that too. A lot of this comes down to LEARNED HELPLESSNESS, and no, that's not unique idea that I came up with, it's an actual concept in psychology, I think. What you've done is come with some really interesting and different ways to make use of that concept, and you do it inw ays that allow the reader to suspend disbelief.

By the way, I'm not from California, although I have been there a few times. First everything in california is NOT idyllic, it only looks that way in the movies! My favortite part of California is actually he Bay area, which can be a lot of fun, and very scenic.

But actually I'm from the Southeast, which right now is cold, icy, and damp. The fact is the Southeastern USA can produce any kind of weather you might like, and several kinds you might object to.

The Non Victorian Chick

Toyntanen said...

Hi WIP Fan (always nice to have unique 'handles' to work with!). But isn't there a certain 'something' about an innocent young thing being saddled with the shame and guilt of being labeled a convicted criminal by the machinations of some individual with an axe to grind or to reap some sort of financial gain? The age range aspect you bring up is also mentioned by the the latest Mr Anonymous (thanks for saying how much you enjoyed the "Institutionalised" trilogy, by the way, always very gratifying to hear!).

It is a point I think we all have different views on. Where a governess is involved and the scenario a domestic one I think that involving a submissive character approaching her mid-twenties is pushing things, risking wandering a little too close to the absurd, and can sometimes can leave me cold if encountered within someone else's work. Within an institutional story setup one can, I think, get away with it.

So It is true I am often deliberately vague about my character's absolute ages. But there are clues; for example often they are about to start at university (never college – in the UK the senior sections of some schools refer to themselves as colleges, as in 'sixth form college'). I have pointedly referred to the legal age of consent at times, but that can vary wildly from country to country and even between different regions within a single country. More recently (for instance, within the tale I am currently working on) I have used the term: 'of marriageable age'.

The famous clasic spanking mag, Janus - back when I used to read it regularly – at times referred to age groups lower then I would ever dare explicitly define in numerical terms. And the eponymous heroine of the first ever spanking novel I purchased way back in the early 1980s (by mail order, when I had just left home and bought my first flat) was bang-on the UK's legal age of consent. I think a Janus reader in the mid 1980s hit the nail on the head in his letter to that publication's reader's correspondence section when he stated: “...[to be exciting] adolescence would always seem to be important...” by which I took him to mean 'pubescence' ie, having at the very least reached full biological and sexual maturity (and please, nobody start crowing on about young mothers in some rain forest someplace – we all know precocious development exists. So let's not go there? .

Hi Non Victorian Girl! The part of the US of A you hang out in sounds a little too much like the UK weatherwise for my liking – but on steroids (like me, he he! But I need an edge at my age!). But saying that, you have to go some to beat the sheer variety in any one day; today with have had icy conditions and thawing snow this morning, then bright (fairly warm at times) sunshine and clear blue skys, then dark overcast conditions, then hailstones, then snow and now, right at this minute, torrential rain. Yeah, you are right about 'LEARNED HELPLESSNESS'; I have used the term before in one of the INSTITUTIONALISED TRILOGY (can't remember which; quite possibly Volume 3, but it contains around a quarter of a million words so I can't be sure). I use the term again the new volume I am working on, and this time in such a way that I have the opportunity to provide a definition and an explanation.

By for now... Bedtime!

Next full blog update will be sometime; Monday. Meanwhile, in addition to working on finishing the book, I plan to make inroads into setting up a full-blown website - Very exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

I duuno, T, you don't look old to me and you don't look like you need an "edge", but whatever.

Weather here is probably a lot different from the UK, especially in summer, when it's kinda tropical.

Yeah, I think it may have been Volume 3. Which was my fave. What always has appealed to me about your stories is the psychology that's at work.

And I wanna see that website...

The Non Victorian Chick

WIP Fan said...

Hi Garth,

I see what you mean.. but I reckon the "innocent woman framed" has become of a bit of a cliche in films and tv and I think film studios are sure that us the public couldn't accept a woman who has commiited a crime (doesen't have to be evilby any means) as the main character.

I'd be interested to hear what women who share our fetish think

Toyntanen said...

Ahhh! That's nice of you, Non Victorian Chick, but the profile pic is around 12 years out of date. The photo you said looked like Jack The Ripper in disguise is more to the point, and even it is a couple of years adrift now. T? You called me T - OMG, you must know my real name then!

Yeah, the website! I came across a free website hosting thingy. But what to do with it?

I am thinking of using it to host all the stuff I have scanned over the years; not just the spanking magazines and reader's letters but also all those old workwear catalogues that 'informed' the costume designs for the characters that populate my books.

I though I'd also display the various manipulated pics I have created for the book covers and perhaps some of the work 'Snoozz' created for me when were collaborating on what I hoped would become some kind of illustrated story or graphic novel:

I'll have to email him, been a long time, and even longer since we met up over in west London back at the end of Sept / beginning of Oct!

Then there is my huge eclectic collection of downloaded stuff...

But what to call this new venture? Any ideas?

I'm glad you like volume 3! I have the feeling that its huge size (250,000 words) puts some people off, which is a shame, because I'm insanely proud of the ‘encouraged weight gain’ and induced stammering sections, but particuarly the former...

Oh, and the induced hysterical paralysis thing and those leg braces or callipers with all those padlocks on - there's something really kinky about that!

Anonymous said...

WIP Fan Wrote

“...I reckon the "innocent woman framed" has become of a bit of a cliche in films and tv and I think film studios are sure that us the public couldn't accept a woman who has commiited a crime (doesen't have to be evilby any means) as the main character.”

OK here’s my two cents...

Can readers/viewers/whatever accept a woman who has “committed a crime” as a sympathetic character? It sort of depends on what the crime was. A crime of violence, like armed robbery or murder, probably not. Something less serious maybe, depending on what it is. But keep in mind that there are only so many ways to do something. The writer needs to get a girl into the Instituion, or into prison, or whatever. Framing her can work, and it’s fairly easy to do.

One way to look at it is to have the girl in some way be responsible for her situation without committing a crime. I’ll tell you a true story. I know a girl a used to date a drug dealer. He actually got her arrested twice. Once, after a quarrel, he planted a joint under a couch cushion and called the police. She got busted for possession. (He was also a police informer. It’s like they say in that movie Go. Sooner or later everybody works for the Man.) Now obviously she was guilty of bad judgement, and her taste in men sucked, since he was an obvious low life creep. Fortunately she didn’t do any time, but that’s a real life example of what I’m talking about, and if you want to, you can rewrite that a bit. Maybe it happened in a country where they really will ruin your life for having a joint under the couch cushions. Maybe the character is a woman who gets busted in a Muslim country with a bottle of Jim Beam.

I have to cut this short, but I may post about this again, if anyone is interested. The point is, there are ways of having the girl be responsible in some way for her sitution without making her unsympathetic or an actual criminal. Maybe some time we can talk about what some of tose are. Right now a I gotta TCB.

The Non Victorian Chick

Toyntanen said...

Just as a post script:

I have just published the website in a draft form and you can visit this early - 'under construction' - draft version by clicking on either the title banner the mission statement thingy picture on the latest posting (which I have just edited).

I am very keen to hear every one's feedback / criticism so feel free to comment here, email, Facebook or Tweet me... I look forward to hearing from you!