Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Our Very Own Turnpike Lane Banksy - And Loads of Blog Linnks

Oh my God!  It’s been another week already!  Well at least the sun is shining now here in North London – it’s actually warm for once - there are even swifts screeching high-pitched flying above the street.  Of course now it’s too warm.  But that’s Britain for you; a matter of days ago it was bloody freezing!  Not that my hands were cold; I’ve been so full of ideas that my fingers have been positively smoking (from the keyboard of course!  There are no calluses on my palms… well, there are, but they’re from the gym… Honest!).  In further news I am pleased to inform you that Turnpike Lane (some say Wood Green) in North London now has its very own ‘Banksy’ (see photo - bottom of page).  There, now I’ve gone and associated the socially aware, world-renowned graffiti artist with my dodgy publications – that should put paid to his career; LOL!  Actually I hope not: I really admire his work.  It is interesting that the local council (I think it was) have placed a protective sheet of perspex over it rather than removing it.  My Kids photographed it in its raw state (on their phone cameras) but by the time I got there, the next day, it was under plastic and surrounded by people with cameras and 'phones.

Now, I was considering posting a snippet of a project I have been working on – not something directly linked to the INSTITUTIONALISED series, but something else entirely, if of a similar nature – ie the spanking and discipline of young ladies (I am presently working on three projects in parallel, including a scientific missive on protein conformation or misfolding disorders).  But as luck would have it I just this minute blundered into the list of blogs I have added to the sidebar blog list in recent times.  This is the list I have mentioned before, that I mislaid and that originally had been intended for publication way back in March.  Click on any of the titles to visit or seek out in the right hand sidebar blog listing.  It is always nice to contribute by leaving a comment, by the way – comments keep a blog running (And encourage the author to reciprocate by linking back here, of course).   (Mischief Managed) “the stories and musings of a young woman at the first stages of her journey into the world of spanking.”

The latter  comes up as ‘Yeh Vast Image Dump’ in the blog list - and I can’t change the name for some reason.   The blog of Daisy, who, we are informed, is “a bad and slovenly girl” who will “never amount to anything”. (you can click on the pic to visit – not the Banksy, silly, the pic at the top right of course!)

This next three appear in the French language blog section:


Anonymous said...

Some lengthy items on dealing with over rated project managers at work on the March comments but then it stops..

Anonymous said...


I saw this fashion shoot, and thought you might appreciate it.

Toyntanen said...

Oh my God! Just been to that fashion shoot thing! It's as if it had come straight out of my own imagination!