Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Domestic Discipline Orientated Publishing Update

Hi folks!  Some time ago I said I'd added quite a few new blogs to my blog list over in the right-hand sidebar.  I never did get around to sharing with you which ones they were exactly.  Well, sorry about this but I have somehow misplaced the list.  I had reason earlier today to go back through my email (for another matter entirely) and came across these three, the links to which I'd emailed myself as a form of backup:




All are worth a visit, and all can be reached by clicking on their titles here or looking up on the aforementioned blog list.

Talking of the right-hand sidebar:  Some of you more observant types may have noticed the sudden appearance of a new facility in the form of a button (second from top).  Pressing (clicking on) this allows the reader to share with their friends and associates stuff the like about the blog and generally notify others out there in Google-land as to what's going on here and so on (and how great it is - hopefully!).  Please take the time to try it out and perhaps consider using a similar facility on your own blog, if you have one.  The more network connections we build, the strong the community! 

Also, scanning further down the said sidebar, you may come across a certain, familiar (from my last couple of postings) book cover... Yes, at long last the new book is out - at least in print form on LULU.  I am presently endeavoring to set up a PDF download facility at LULU (much cheaper) but without much luck, but it might be worth checking in case by the time you read this I have managed it.  For ebook formats it is a case of waiting to see if it gets published through Andrews UK LTD who have managed that side of the exposure of the previous three novels.  I'm only really still messing around with LULU for their print-on-demand facilities as I know there are certain of you (and I'm one!) who prefer to have a nice chunky book in their hands!

Taking advice from various sources I have made the new offering quite a lot shorter than the previous three (especially volume 3, which ran to near-on a quarter of a million words), deciding instead to split it in to two parts.  It also benefits from a much simpler and more straight forward story telling style, with far less hopping back and forth through different time frames and flashbacks and is more directed towards the domestic discipline side of things (at least for much of part one).  So if privately set up homeschooling schemes for the late teens, rigid, restrictive rules and impositions, the hiring of a stern governess and bars discreetly added to attic-room windows are your thing - all overseen by a trained psychologist - then this is for you.  Exactly where it sits within the story arc of the previous three I'm not prepared to say, for fear of giving too much away  Suffice it to say that it does fit a missing piece into the puzzle - or will have done by the end of part two!

And the illustration?  Well, it sort of fits with the subject, although to be honest I just scanned it in from a paper source for use with the next posting I plan to make - a little something I once read and that inspired me to write.       


Anonymous said...

Wootness! I have the new book!

Just for the record, I can work the problems on the board without a calculator, so if it was me in the classroom, the woman would have to come up with some other reason to spank my ass. HeeHee.

The Non Victorian Chick

Anonymous said...

Some good flow of story on March posting.

Toyntanen said...

Calculator? CALCULATOR!!! I should hope not, girl!

Anonymous said...

T, you have no idea. I was in Best Buy last night, and got behind some dude who couldn't figure up how many of the DVD's he had he could actually afford with the cash he had on hand. And I'm waiting in line to pay for my stuff, and he's taking forever, and the clerk is like..."Take you time, man. It's OK. I'm here till nine." And I wanted to say "Yeah, but I'd actually like to watch MY DVD before the sequel comes out.", but I didn't.

This is not to say that I wouldn't get my ass spanked by the lady in he drawing, but it would be for something other than a math error. Tardiness, passing notes, chewing gum, mouthing off...the possibilities are endless.

The Non Victorian Chick

Anonymous said...

Just been on Lulu and seen your 'Alice' PDF is No.3 in the top 10 and has an overall

Lulu Sales Rank: 68

which is pretty amazing. Congratulations!!

But the paperback version has formatting issues on page ii.

Toyntanen said...

Hi 'Anonymous'. Thanks for the info re the formatting issue - I'll look in to it. What form does it take exactly? It all looked fine on the draft preview. As for those astonishing rankings - unless something miraculous has occurred, I think it more likely due to the fact that so few titles are available as PDFs on LULU nowadays!

As for miss 'Nonvictoriangirl' - calm down dear!! LOL! But seriously: I know exactly where you're coming from, there! Here in London the shops have hardly any staff. They all complain that although their shops have plenty of 'footfall' not enough customers are actually making purchases (poor 'conversion', as they put it). But even if you find what you want - and are lucky enough to still have the cash to buy it - you are unable to make the purchase as it is so difficult to find anyone to hand up the money to. At least not without joining a very long queue indeed.

In one particularly large out-of-town-store sporting no less than 32 checkouts, no less than 22 were closed. That's right: just 11 out of 32 checkouts were actually staffed - on a Saturday afternoon!!!!! End of rant!... For now!

Anonymous said...

If you go to your author Spotlight and select Preview of the paperback you'll see the image you have has split the copyright notice and also the words 'First Published' overlays 'stored in a retrieval system' Not sure how that came about.

BTW - why didn't you go for a Lulu ISBN so as to get the paperback on Amazon?

Rex Talbot