Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I Forgot the Title

Hi people! I've been writing most of today, which is a promising sign, though I'm still suffering badly with tingling (like nettle rash - without the rash) forearms and hands (mainly the backs) of which more next time. Last time I reported having removed 'britishspankingmags' from the sidebar blog list and that the site no longer held any content in any case. Today I had reason to search around on the internet and I have now located ‘British Spanking Magazines’ alive and well on Blogspot at

Running "stories from old spanking mags, such as Blushes, Roué [my correction], Janus, Februs, Swish, Kane etc" and published "In memory of Alex Birch" it promises to be both an important resource and a refresher course in all that helped form my interests through that important period, the 1980s, and that went on to inspire and inform my own writing. In fact almost the first thing to greet my eyes was one of my all-time fave pics from that powerhouse of the genre, 'Uniform Girls' (see above and just click pic to visit the blog, or look for the link in the sidebar blog list).


Orage said...

I've known this site for a long time.
The only use of British spanking mags are the three links:

As for the British spanking magazines, it's a wonderful site...except that Dmitry is prone to bouts of illness and disappears for weeks or months on end. You may have noticed he hasn't posted anything since the February 13th.
Last year it was worse: nothing between August 28th and December 25th. I had already given the blog up as a bad job but didn't lose faith and was rewarded.

Toyntanen said...

Sounds as lackadaisical as myself, Orage! Glad you didn't lose faith, and glad you didn't lose faith in mine either! Thanks for persevering!

Rest assured I'll get these links placed in the relevant sidebar lists on this site soon - if not already present! Thanks for the intel!