Saturday, 19 March 2011

A New French Language Blog Link Section Added

I am stuck for the weekend at a friends house and so restricted to using my netbook. The problem with that is the netbook runs Linux and I use Open Office for word processing tasks on it. Although compatible enough with MS Word for most tasks, Open Office is not 100% compatible when it comes to page numbering and certain forms of document formatting. I know from bitter experience that were I to open the the main body of work, that part that has been formatted in book form, on this machine it would completely mess up all the careful work I have done. At this stage the vast majority of work revolves around editing, rearranging and proofreading / rewriting tasks, so rather than suffer a completely lost couple of days I decided to make a couple of changes to the blog and carry out a little 'house cleaning' so that the upcoming week may be devoted in its entirety to the completion of the book.

New French Language Blog Link Section Added

Now, recently, for one reason or another I have come across a number of French language spanking and spanking-orientated blogs. As I already hosted a couple of links to such sites in my blog list, rather than list here the new ones I have added I decided to lump them all together – the pre-existing links with the new ones I have uncovered – in their own section of the sidebar. Called imaginatively 'French Language Blogs' this list can be located below the main blog list and just above the 'Thumblogger' list in the right hand side bar.

Other News and Views

I have removed the blog entitled 'Výprasky, prísna výchova a disciplína' as it no longer seems to function. I have added the blog; 'Heart and Soul, (click on the girl on scale pic above to visit) and 'A Libertine's Spanking'. The latter is the blog of a “Libertine” and “feminist” who says she “love[s] to be spanked.” Well, I never! There I came across a great illustration of a girl in a wondrously tight chastity belt drawn by Kami Tora who seems just begging to be spanked (click on the artwork above right to visit Libertine's blog – highly recommended). The latter drawing brings me to mention 'Agonizing Abstinence' (click to visit) a still-evolving home for all things chastity and dealing with orgasm denial – while not help it grow with a little imaginative input of your own while visiting. Lastly (but not at all least), I have added a link to 'A Creative Spanko Wench' (click to visit or as with the others mentioned look for the blog list in the right hand sidebar).

Ever had difficulty looking for a particular scene, picture, idea, drawing or photo? I know I have. Try, an “experimental browser [that] only displays images”. You can find a link in the 'useful Resources' list located in the sidebar (under 'D' for devilfinder – silly). This brings me back to the discussion featured in my last offering last Tuesday regarding suitable outfits in which to dress the recalcitrant teenager, as a little rummage around the aforementioned search engine (actually looking for something else entirely) produced this intriguing illustration – any thoughts? (yes I know it originated on some 'tranny' site someplace, but they seem to have all the most imaginative ideas!) Bye Y'all.


Leah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Libby said...

Hi there, I'm Libby of A Libertine's Spanking. Thank you so much for recommending my bloggie-wog!


nonsequitur said...

"a still-evolving home for all things chastity and dealing with orgasm denial" That about sums it up. Thanks for the link.


Toyntanen said...

No probs Libby, loved it!

Hi, ‘Nonsequitur’. Did you like it though? I found a little ‘food for thought’ there, but what the author really needs are some more comments and contributed ideas to stimulate his / her enthusiasm and get things going. I feel there is a lot of mileage to be had in this ‘female orgasm denial’ thing. What about psychological methods, for example.

I note that there has been a comment posted by ‘Leah’ with the label: ‘This post has been removed by the author’. I am intrigued: What did it say? Who deleted it? I didn’t know a comment author could delete his or her own comment and I certainly didn’t remove it!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a worldly wise, fashion conscious young lady reduced to looking like a little girl. The party dress illustrated is just the thing to take your difficult 19 year old out in, hopefully her face would be as red as her bottom.