Sunday, 27 February 2011

Thumblogger Blog Links Now Added

Hi chaps. As you will have seen, I have finally gotten around to changing the site's categorization to 'Adult Content', albeit largely due to someone reporting a matter of objectionable content to Google. I have been meaning to do this for some time and have mentioned it before, yet somehow never seemed to get it done, though it took only a minuet or so - I guess some good has come from it then.

Now the real reason for this update: I have gotten round the Thumblogger problem by not listing them on the usual blog roll but rather creating form them their own section in the sidebar. There are only four of them at present but they are all well worth visiting - the Thumblogger link list can be found located immediately below the blog roll.

I have also added to the conventional blog list the following blogs for your perusal:

Fisrt up there is Babes in Diapers; then there is Carla in the Corner (from where I think the picture above right came, though no one seems to know it's real origin); Girl's pyjama Spankings and Souvenirs Cuisants d'une Jeune Fille Punie - a nice French language blog, that one with quite a few links to others. Links to all these and more can be found in the right hand sidebar. See y'all next time, hopefully with more from the book at last - 345 pages at last count and mounting rapidly!

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