Thursday, 2 December 2010

Best Gymslip Design of all Time? You Tell Me

Is it just me that thinks so, or is this the finest design of gymslip ever produced or even conceived of when it comes to setting apart a young lady from her peers as an aid to developing the correct mindset to accept the imposition of strict and restrictive discipline - discuss. (I can’t say I entirely approve of the knickers though.) Yes I know you’ve seen pics from this set before on this site, but not this particular shot I think (I hope); I’ve just come upon it. Now for the real reason for this post (not that I am not serious about hearing your points of view / ideas / designs – yeah, why not designs?):

A couple of days ago I mentioned setting up a series of Dropbox albums to share various stuff I have downloaded off the web over the years and also that I have scanned from my various collections of spanking and domination orientated stuff and various materials that have informed the descriptions in my books. Part of the impetus for this was having the album containing my collection of the spanking and D/S art work of Hobbs / Thorn (there is some contention over the true artist’s identity) deleted by those well-meaning folk at PicasaWeb and my desire to circumvent future strife.

Well, as an experiment I have now created a folder of the Hobbs / Thorn artwork on Dropbox. I have created an entirely new listing category in the right-hand sidebar to hold links to future Dropbox albums if the trial works out. It may well be that I’ll have to cycle these albums from time to time to work through my collection due to limited storage space. Dropbox has a limit of 2 GB on their free subscription service and I am also using it to back-up my writing and book cover artwork. However one way of working around this to free up more space would be for me to set up another Dropbox account under my everyday name for backup purposes. I’m going to see how well this works out first and how popular - or otherwise - it proves to be, so I’ll be looking for feedback (hint, hint). Remember to check the Dropbox album list in the sidebar (just below the ‘Spanking Artwork Albums’ list) from time to time as I will be adding to it when I have time but I may not always have sufficient time to tell you in a blog entry. Remember too that much will be adult content, especially the Thorn / Hobbs stuff!

I forgot to put in links in my last posting to the two sites I spotlighted. This I have now rectified – sorry for any inconvenience / frustration caused. I have also added a link in the ‘Useful Resources’ list situated in the sidebar to a source of ‘forced exercise’ photos on for all those that appreciate such things (click to visit or see sidebar).


Madmonkey said...

Yep, seen it before, on this blog I believe. Seeing it again I thought I had somehow magically traveled back in time, but alas no, that was not the case.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, great retro design

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the Thorn / Hobbs artwork, I especially enjoyed the "ponygirl" ones

Madmonkey said...

What's really odd is how she looks just like a girl I know. Right down to the gap in the teeth. She however doesn't wear such cute gymslips.

Orage said...

Many thanks for the Dropbox album although some pictures are absolutely repulsive (I'm scared stiff of roaches myself, having seen too many of them when I was living in darkest and crawliest Africa).
Incidentally, I loved the treatment inflicted upon the ecologist in Dripville.
Here we call ecologists "green Khmers". What they just are!

Anonymous said...

Its a lovely pic but it was used before on 8 September 2010.

Ifd you've other pix of that girl, lets see them!

BTW - the title of this post misspells gym


sixofthebest said...

I brlieve all school's should have teen-age girls wear this type of uniform. For it would be perfect for bending over a school, or headmaster's desk, raise her uniform waist high, pull down her knickers, and while wearing just suspender-belt and stockings, cane their bare bottoms, six or more of the best.

sixofthebest said...

I love this photo. because it show a naughty young lady wearing under her uniform blazer, suspender-belt and stockings, which is most fitting, when her bottom and skirt is upturned, to be caned on her naked rear end.