Wednesday, 13 October 2010

An appeal to Sanity - Mine!

All sorts of shenanigans have been going on in the comments sections of this blog of late revolving around an ongoing serialized tale being posted by an anonymous contributor about a young girl who finds herself unjustly incarcerated in a reformatory. In-between there has been a whole plethora of comments, not all relevant in even the tiniest way to the subject matter; neither the threaded storyline nor the original posting as created by yours truly. Then another ‘anon’ contributor decides to continue a much earlier thread right in the middle of it all.

A continuing piece, posted right in the centre of another continuing serialized piece in itself should not be a problem – intermittent and sporadic posts are part and parceled of comments as a concept. Where the confusion arises is in this habit of so many using the nomenclature of ‘anonymous’ – the casual reader can be forgiven for having little idea of who’s ‘voice’ he is hearing under such circumstances.

Now: Orage has recently posted a comment indicating that he would like to read the continuing story of Natalie's tribulations (a nice piece sent in by an anonymous contributor, not myself) “without other characters surreptitiously edging their way in”. Madmonkey, commenting on the same subject asks: “… is this story about Natalie going to be continued in the comments section in a similar manner as to which the story about Judith has been continued?” Meanwhile the anonymous author of said tale (Natalie's tale not Judith’s tale – see how confusing it can all become) himself bemoans that he can no longer add additional material pertaining to his story, vis-a-vie the next chapter, to the comments section of my last posting which currently hosts an incredible 26 comments.

The latter problem is probably due to some sort of limit set by Blogger on the number of comments attached to any one posting, but that is only a guess. All the rest can and will be dealt with, as I have said before, by my collating all the sections of the Natalie / reform school tale into one or more sections and presenting them as main posting subjects and then deleting the fragmented parts from the comments, especially the multiply-duplicated fragments. To this end I have requested the author of this thread to cease posting as comments, as the more fragments that build up the harder it will become for me to sort out. Actually, what would be useful would be if the anon author would kindly send all the parts of his work to me as email attachments as this would save me a significant amount of time and effort in collating and sorting out all the various scattered fragments. One idea I have had, since the work seems to be blossoming into a near novel-length tale, is for me to create a dedicated folder / album for it attached to the blog.

The problem I have at present with all this is that right at this minute I am pretty much buried up to my neck with completing my own latest work while still deciding whether to re-organize and publish as one or two books. Thus if you do have any very long contributions to make and that you would like others to read through without interruption then please send direct to me via email.


Anonymous said...

As owner of the blog you can easily delete any inappropriate or unwanted comments.


Orage said...

Yes he can! But Garth is a considerate and caring soul.
As to Anonymous-the-writer, this is what Goodgulf said about you in a comment to his story called "An anecdotal example": "Here's hoping that when he finishes that work in progress that he adds that story to his section here in this library". (namely
But as you seem to feed on comments, you might send there your unfinished tale and proceed along with the readers' ideas as you've been doing here.

Madmonkey said...

Or you could post to
I think your story would be of interest to readers of either site.

imreadonly2 said...

Thank you for the excellent suggestions. I will attempt to edit and complete Natalie’s story and post it in the spanking library, where I have an account under the name imreadonly2, toward the end of the month. In the meantime, you can read some of my other stories there, or Goodgulf’s excellent THE MAGISTRATE, which was one of the key inspirations for Natalie’s tale.

BTW, Uniform aficionados might find a visual representation of my stories on the site. I rather like it because in the free section of the site a typical photo set shows an attractive young women in her mid twenties wearing her smart business outfit…and then the same young woman in her crisp school uniform or maid’s outfit. An intriguing notion, is it not?

I'm not promoting the pay portion, as I have not tried it, but I wanted to mention it because I thought some folks might like the free section.

Thank you for your wonderful suggestions and support; they were very much appreciated!

Orage said...

At last! I've known you for a long time and enjoyed your stories a lot. In my opinion, the best one ever was "Payment in full", I still chuckle when I think of it.
Very glad to know you'll be posting Natalie's story shortly as you've left us teetering on the threshold of THE big scene!
Now I have a question: I visited again and I saw you had posted there "A model prison". I've never read it and I can't reach it as they want me to edit my profile first, which I'm loath to do.
So could you post it in the Kilahara library, please?

imreadonly2 said...

As much as I'd love to take credit for A MODEL PRISON, that was the work of my more talented neighbor, GoodGulf. You can read it in his section of the library; please post a comment telling him how much you enjoyed it!

Alas, we're not at the big scene yet. They have six girls to discipline, remember! And because of the large number of bottoms to be dealt with, they have two chastisers who start at either end. Alas, this means poor Natalie, the terrified jockey of horse #4, must wait her turn like any other delinquent.

Of course the story does not end there. Natalie's agent and her very special incognito friend, another actress who I will call simply, "Jennifer," witness Natalie's discipline. They speak with Judge Harding afterward, and express their gravest concerns with the harshness of Natalie’s punishment.

Judge Harding resolves the matter by allowing them a peek into the private study where Natalie was taken after her whipping to await Judge Harding. Will it shock you to learn that they spy Natalie on the couch, staring at her bottom in the mirror and pleasuring herself, as she relieves the whipping in her mind, and calls for the next stroke?

The shameless of Natalie’s performance lays their concerns to rest...and convinces Jennifer that a brief, temporary visit to the reformatory might provide her with precisely the relief from the paparazzi that she so desperately desires. Fortunately, the Headmaster has a uniform ready in precisely her size...

I'm not sure if I like the name "Jennifer." Suggestions on this, or any other matter, welcome!

Anonymous said...

How about Jenny or Jen? One of the old blue moon books talked about how the girls' names were shortened into one or two syllable names - and how that was part of the process of stripping away their sense of self. Often it led to a return to a childhood nickname.

"But my name is Jennifer" she protested, sputtering her words.
"Oh hush now Jenny." The matron scolded. "Lessing you want six of the best you'll answer to Jenny and like it."

That sort of thing.

Orage said...

"please post a comment telling him how much you enjoyed it!"
I ALWAYS write comments, it's the least one can do to express gratitude.

"Alas, we're not at the big scene yet" and thank you for that! I was only jumping ahead. We all expect a long delayed tale as waiting is part of the pleasure.

"The shameless of Natalie’s performance...": shouldn't it be shamelessness?

"the Headmaster has a uniform ready in precisely her size": objection, Your Honour! Uniforms don't have to fit, Matron hands them out haphazardly; she couldn't care less about the size.

Orage said...

(sigh...but I won't vent my opinion about that anymore!)
I quite agree with you! Wardens can't be bothered with long names.
By the way, I've always wondered why parents give a three-syllable name they immediately shorten for practical purposes.

Anonymous said...

Surely bad girls should be addressed by their surnames...!
Not Jen but Smith or Brown.


imreadonly2 said...

Quite right. By “right size” I mean standard issue, with a skirt that’s a tad to short and a tie that she has to constantly struggle with to get tied at the proper length. As for her knickers, an old, previously worn pair that stretches skin tight across her bum will reinforce the fact that she’s simply another in a long line of reformatory sluts.

Use her last name when she has screwed up and you want to enforce her role as an inmate. “Cox! Back in line. And straighten that tie!”

Use her first, shortened name when you wish to undermine her self image and emphasize her childish incompetence. “No, Jenny, you can’t use the loo. You’re going to have to hold it like a big girl, and hold it you shall, or it will be the nappies for you!”