Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Blushes Reader's Letters Pages Inspiration

I've just been lucky enough to have received via email a whole series of scans taken from the reader's letters pages of that grand old institution, the Blushes, Whispers and New Uniform Girls magazine stable (many thanks Allen). Longer-standing readers of this blog will remember the letters pages scans I published taken from my own collection that I used to illustrate the type of thing that went to inspire my writing. As the contributor himself says: “Breast punishment and leering old men, you can't beat it, and this letter is also illustrated with a rather pretty girl”. Indeed, old chap! Indeed! I have to say I've had great fun reading through all these great old letters pages.

Most I have had in my collection at one time, but long, long ago, before I sold a few off and then gave away many of the rest. Why? Who knows? That was all long before I had ever thought about writing my own stuff of course, although the memory of the imagery conjured in my imagination when originally I'd leafed through those pages is still fresh enough in my mind to have informed some of the events presented in my publications - including the unfinished new one.

One other area that would crop up from time to time within those same pages and could always be counted on to generate a fascinating and imaginative discourse was that of institutional 'admission procedures', especially those dealing with the importance of the psychological implications behind the ritualistic nature and design of those procedures. Those letters that I could still locate in the remnants of my collection I have already scanned and shared with the readership of this blog - tagged with the term, 'inspirations' or something similar I believe, just in case any of you want to look them up in the blog archive. While I'm at it, I'd just like to point out that for your delectation and delight I have today added a link to a diapered girls blog – check out the blog listing in the sidebar on the right.


Madmonkey said...

It always amazes me how clinical some of these old writings were. It is hard me me to imagine people who are into this kind of thing being so uptight.

Allan said...

Reads just fine to me, just a pity the magazine felt it had to censor part of the letter.I don't think there ever was a follow up letter on the forced milking. Such a thing is virtually impossible before pregnancy of course, unless lactation was induced artificially. Taking control of a girls body in such a way would be particularly dehumanising.

Anonymous said...

Lactation is possible -- some men have induced lactation.

I believe the method involves massaging breasts and using a breast pump to simulate a suckling baby in conjunction with taking domperidone tablets that contain the chemical produced by new mothers to stimulate milk production.


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