Wednesday, 8 September 2010

And so this is Christmas, or so it would seem,
another year over - so soon it has been.
But it sure must be Christmas,
though the days still be long.
It says so in the 'Wethers' (local pub)
and Tim can't be wrong (Tim Martin, CEO of the Wetherspoons chain).
With apologies to the late John Lennon (not that he cares - he's dead and out of it! Which just goes to show my present state of mind).
Cynical? Yeah, I guess you could say so. But it's a cynicism based on bitter experience - that's what life does to one. There are times that, sitting here, I can envisage little more attractive than stepping out into the midst of the Woodgreen / Turnpike Lane traffic. Not that it would achieve much other than an excruciatingly slow death, given that the average speed along the local highways and byways here hovers around that which might be expected of a particularly respectful horse-drawn funeral procession. But then, swigging back the second or third tankard of the day (today's tipple being the insanely strong Abbot Special Reserve - weighing in at an impressive 6.5% alcohol by volume and possibly lethal in large doses to the unwary), one opens ones email and lo and behold, more often than not a smile comes to one's face. No less true than today, people, when upon opening my mail mere moments ago I found myself faced with this gem, yet another of the set I posted so many moons ago originating I believe from the Spic and Span magazine stable published in the sixties and to which I owe so much in terms of my descriptions of the school-type uniforms featuring in the INSTITUTIONALISED series. I have boosted the contrast ( strictly speaking the 'Gama' if we are to be technical) and I think the detail revealed is remarkable. Notable are the integral belt loops and the breast pocket detail, the perfect space to fill with a colourful and suitably humiliating badge and slogan. If one needs a guide to the sort of thing I am - or will be - eluding to in the domestic discipline / 'schoolroom' scenes in my stuff this is it!


Orage said...

Who has ever seen a garter belt worn UNDER the knickers?

Cloudlover said...

Seems reasonable to me if you want to remove the knickers entirely in order to apply a little bottom thrashing whilst leaving the other items in place for aesthetic value. Basically she wears what she is told to wear and in what ever manner you see fit.

Orage said...

Yes of course if you're only interested in the practical side.

Anonymous said...

I guess Orage is lucky enough to be too young to remember stockings and suspenders being normal daily female wear.

The knickers were ALWAYS pulled up after suspenders were fixed to stockings, i.e. the knickers were over the suspenders.


For the obvious reason so that the wearer could lower her knickers when going to the toilet.

The photo looks like it was taken in the 1960's, and the model is certain to have daily knowledge of wearing suspenders.

Rex Talbot

Orage said...

Well, the fact is I've only seen stockings and suspenders on sites where the women can't wait to take them off...And they always wear them OVER the knickers. My mistake!

Madmonkey said...

Maybe that is something you could include in one of your stories, Garth. Some poor young lady is forced to wear old fashion knickers and stockings and to make them even more annoying she is made to wear the stockings over the knickers so she is constantly having to remove them.