Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Tiny Bit of What I Have Been Writing

The choice was stark, but even having the notion of a choice was a form of subtle psychological torture. She could sit quietly and dwelling more and more inwards, turning it on herself and sending herself quite mad in the process or let herself be gently led by the hand deeper and deeper into mental illness by her sweetly smiling guardian angle rustling and bustling around her in her blue-checked uniform dress. For what else could this be but some form of mental illness? Head swimming in swirling sedative fog, hands thrust down the front of her hospital issue asylum pyjamas masturbating furiously, fingers plucking and twitching under stickily-humid plastic mental-home incontinence knickers and worrying at a sutured rubber thimble cap device who’s sole purpose was to rob her of the one thing she desired more than anything else in the world at that moment – sexual release.
“Stop that, now – it’s time to get you back into bed and I’m going to have to draw back the curtain”.
The command bit deep into Lavinia’s psyche; shame and humiliation shared equal billing with hot-cheeked heavy-breathed, tear-wrenching frustration. She felt her hands being physically tugged from their private fumbling and being placed forcefully in her lap, the musky pungency of her unrelinquished arousal rising accusingly from fingertips left tacky with bodily lubrication. She was only half aware of the head and shoulders pressing thorough the opening in the plastic curtains surrounding the bed and the chair in which she was presently seated, wriggling uncomfortably in her sweat-soaked pyjamas.
“I’m so sorry, Sister – I just didn’t know what to do to stop her”.
“A quite disgusting display! I want her put back in full restraint immediately and she is to be confined to bed at all times for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, you are to make out a full report of this behaviour for the doctor under the heading of ‘evidence of pathological sexual obsession and obsessive-compulsive behaviour’.
Now, I bet you're wondering what the pony-girl illustration is all about - hmmm? Not really my thing as such - and nothing to do with anything in the new book - it's just that I recently came across a couple of great pony-girl sites which I have now added to the 'Useful Resources' list that can be found in the right hand sidebar (listed under pony girls, amazingly enough!).


Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated by the chair -- do you have a larger sized image? Looks like its for enemas or colonics with the tank above but can't make out detail

Rex Talbot

Anonymous said...

I also would like to know more about the chair - I assume it will be featured in the story as well? Some punishment/treatment for her frantic fumblings perhaps?

Anonymous said...

The denial aspect is very relevant to my interests... I hope there is more of it in Institutionalised 3.

Toyntanen said...

“I'm fascinated by the chair -- do you have a larger sized image? Looks like its for enemas or colonics with the tank above but can't make out detail” This illustration is just something I came across on the ‘Web’. It is indeed some sort of colonic irrigation apparatus, as far as I understand but is a very old image, the exact vintage I am unsure of, and it is the best I have of it.

There is a purpose-designed enema chair featured in the story – a Victorian / Edwardian antique that features in a domestic scenario and that will, I hope, also feature in the planed illustrated version as a de novo 3D rendered artwork.

As for the concept of denial – I am loath to say too much at this stage for fear of creating a ‘spoiler’. Suffice it to say, though, that there will be much denial of orgasm but also often a conflict between control and encouragement when it comes to the act itself – and diabolically subtle at that (I hope).