Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Nurses and Straitjackets

For once here in London the sun is shining. I am wiriting to you from outside the Woodgreen Wetherspoon pub 'Spouter's Corner' where I am sitting bathing in the rays and imbibing a pint of 'Fortyniner' in what they laughingly refer to as their 'beer garden' - in reality a roped-off area of pavement just yards from roaring buses, screaming sirens and the mutterings of assorted passing druggies and other nutters. While we are on the subject of mental health issues; my mind has recently turned to the idea of the helplessness that is associated with incarceration in a straitjacket, especially if the young lady concerned should have her tender backside bared for the attention of the nurse's cane or tawse. I have to admit to being aided in fantasy by this wondrous series of pics recently sent me anonymously via email. I am led to believe that they originated on Flikr (hope I spelled that right) and so I hope I am not treading on anyone's toes by posting them up here. Apparently they are from a series of stills taken from a music video - but that is about all I know at present and I don't have time to search through Flikr to learn more. Not that i would want to - I have absolutely no idea of the story-line depicted here, and that is exactly the way I would prefer to keep it. I know what I would like to think about it, One's imagination fills in the gaps, which is as it should be and is also what makes the series such a powerful source of inspiration. Absolutely anything can be attributed to these images and what more could one ask? One thing that I know for sure is that it has certainly got me scribbling away like crazy!!

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summertime75 said...

Can't beat a little time in a straight jacket, time to reflect providing that the punishment can wait.

There is a good clip on Youtube, hope you enjoy it