Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Prison and Asylum Girls and the Tawse: A Few Requests Satisfied from Afar (Eastbourne)

Still in Eastbourne I'm afraid, but getting on with a little writing from time to time. It now looks as if I will not be back in London until after this coming weekend; I know I have said this before, but this time it really does look on the cards. Besides, I have certain commitments in London on Monday, so I have little choice in any case. Meanwhile I have received by email a couple of requests for pictures. The first was for pics of women holding a tawse, of which I have found a couple lurking on my backup DVD (I have loads more stashed at home that I can't get at right now, including in magazines awaiting scanning). Incidently; I have posted at least one other picture of a dominant nurse wielding a tawse in the past - check out the blog archive, see if you can find it (should be easy if I have tagged it correctly - but that's a big IF!). The second request was for prison / asylum girls pics. Luckily I have recently been scouring the web for just that of late. I have been looking for inspiration to inform certain ideas I have developed that revolve around the possibilities inherent in the concept of an exploitative private or charity-run workhouse, but always with an eye to how such a scenario might be integrated into the concept of a behavioral research unit and perhaps overlap with the latter's asylum-like structure.


Madmonkey said...

Those are great pics, but they are so small! Could you please make them bigger?

Also I made a board game at one point where you play a woman trapped in a very strict school and must attempt an escape despite the efforts of the teachers to put you in uniform and keep you there forever. Would you or anyone else be interested in this? I have been looking for play testers and feedback.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely be interested - please do link to it, I would be more than willing to give it a test!

Toyntanen said...

Sounds interesting, Madmonky; I too would like a link to your game. I also seem to remember hearing about a similarly themed computer game a while back; caused quite a lot of controversy in the press here in the UK! About the size of the pictures; I usually choose the size to fit in with the amount of text, so as produce a pleasing layout (I hope). Whatever the size on the page, though, if you click on any image you should link straight to a larger version. The only variation to this rule is if I happen to use an image to link elsewhere, such as to promote a new blog or site I have come across (or one of my publications, of course).

abby williams said...

Is that last picture from Candyman? Virginia Madsen. No one else found that movie as sexy as I did... evisceration, bees, and accusations of insansity? It was far more romantic than people gave it credit for. I'm completely serious.

I always found asylums sexy, though I didn't delve into it in either the few films I made or my writing. Possibly because I spent my teenage years thinking I was crazy, or possibly I'm just saving the good stuff for later on.

I haven't looked at blogs in months and months - I am terribly sorry I've neglected reading yours. I have a lot to catch up on, providing I can focus. A lot of the pictures I'm seeing are making me want to start new stories, which I thank you for, immensely. It's so good to be inspired.

Best wishes,

Toyntanen said...

Hi Abby! Nice to meet you. Have a good rummage through the archive - link in right hand sidebar as a pull-down - and let me know what you think. What sort of thing do you write?

Samples of my stuff can be found littered throughout the archive and the very first ever page contains a sort of mission-statement / explanation sort of thing that lays out why I started writing my own stuff and what i aim to achieve etc.