Friday, 15 January 2010

The Bad-Bunny Punishment Suit

Recently I have been enthusing over the work of an artist going by the Monika of Thorn, though rumor persists that the originator is this guy, Hobbs. Whatever the truth it is rare that any artwork has been quite so stimulating in terms of being a catalyst for ideas for incorporation within my own work – other than the work of Roger Benson I suppose, particularly his reformatory series. One tantalizing possibility that fired my imagination was the prospect of a collaboration with this Thorn / Hobbs chap illustrating my scribblings. But faced with the apparent impossibility of making contact with the chap and his reluctance to defend his own work, if indeed he is being plagiarized, I have been led to the depressing conclusion that he might well be deceased.

Imagine my delight then when, while searching for yet more undiscovered Thorn / Hobbs imagery I stumbled across the work of Julian Guile, not a name I have run into before. It turns out that I have unwittingly posted up an example of this artists work before, albeit in a low resolution form - an image that was sent to me anonymously and was entitled 'The Detention Room' and displayed a high degree of imagination in the design of the miscreant's seating arrangement. The latter is little more than a perch and is undoubtedly very uncomfortable - but so practicable when it comes to instant correction by way of the application of cane or strap. This little innovation is what rescues the subject matter from what so easily could have been something rather hackneyed and stereotypical.

The way this artist captures the all-important psychological effect on the young lady by way of her expression and body language is masterful and very reminiscent of the aforementioned Thorn / Hobbs – he successfully captures the emotional pain and how it may surpass the merely physical in its way.

If further evidence of this guy's creativity is called for, one needs look no furtherer than this little number entitled 'The Bad-Bunny Suit' – below, right. Designed to make the wearer look and feel ridiculous and humiliated while facilitating the application of corporal punishment, a real stroke of genius is evidenced in the design of the sleeves. The latter, terminating in fingerless mittens, extend beyond the fingers and seem designed to incorporate a brass eye or ring at the extremity – all the better to secure flailing limbs. Even the 'bunny-ears' undoubtedly included to further exaggerate the absurdity of the outfit, could be pressed into service to secure the young lady if so called upon. Suitably furnished at their tips with metal rings or eyes they would make fine anchor points to conjoin with similar rings attached to tabs sewn into the waistband or perhaps attached to the toes of the suit if it should be required to restrain the young lady into an acute hairpin-bent posture during the progression of her correction.

What could be more humbling for a girl in her late teens than having to wear such a ridiculous outfit, clearly designed with corporal punishment in mind and leaving little in doubt in the mind of the observer, while fully aware that it also doubles as a restraint system and that, so suited and with her behind so charmingly displayed, she is completely at the mercy of her master or mistress. She has been rendered ridiculous, impotent and helplessly subject to corporal punishment at the whim of whomever in one swoop – what more could one ask of a well-designed punishment outfit?


brianmac said...

Yes, Guile is a genius with a particular understanding of the more refined methods of embarrassing young ladies during their always richly deserved punishments. I have only ever come across a precious few of Mr Guile's drawings and would love to know if more are available.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Brianmac. The only collection of Julian Guile's work I have so far come across is hosted on the SpankingWiki site - follow the link below to pay a visit. (I'll add it to the sidebar 'Useful Resource' list in due course)

Sound Punishment said...

It is not a rumour that Thorn stole the images from Hobbs by using Photoshop to replace the signature. It is fact, Thorn is just an opportunist plagerist.

I recently sent you an email with a link to definitive proof of that.

I produced a test site for Hobbs in 2000, met the gentleman personally, and can absolutely verify that the artist is Hobbs as I own two original pen/pencil drawings of his!

If you did not get that email (sent to the address on this blog) then contact me via the helpdesk on and I will resend it to you.

Cloudlover said...

Nice pictures, the expression on the girl's face in the bunny one is a treat. Perhaps she could be made to do bunny hops round the garden for the amusement of a few guests invited to view her punishment. Her performance could be encouraged by the means of cane on that delightfully chubby bottom.

Toyntanen said...

My use of the term 'rumor' in connection with the allegation that the guy signing himself Thorn is a plagiarist of the work of Hobbs was not intended to be read as my questioning the truth of what soundpunishment has said. Rather it was my - perhaps ill-phrased - attempt to sit on the fence in the matter. After all, no matter how compelling the evidence (and I do not seem to have received the link that soundpunisment mentions) I am not judge and jury and so in the absence of a legal judgment I cannot be expected to definitively pass judgment on the matter. I can only report on the allegation and the evidence. I will however be going through my magazine collection later this week in the hope of making comparisons between any artwork attributed to Hobs that I may find and that attributed to Thorn and will be delighted to give my opinion, but it will be only that, an opinion. I cannot make any specific allegations. This is not to say that I am questioning the word of soundpunishment, far from it - it is just that I have to be careful in the litigious society that the UK is fast becoming, with its legions of thought-police and other judgmental types.

Greg B. said...

That bunny suit is hilarious! The only improvement I'd make would be to have the legs joined together, so she'd have to "hop" around like a bunny.

Cloudlover said...

Perhaps her outfit could be further improved with the addition of a white fluffy bunny tail. This could be attached to her person in a way she would find both embarrassing and uncomfortable.

sixofthebest said...

Detention Room. Beautiful drawing of a naughty girl awaiting a good caning on her naked bare bottom. Most erotic.