Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A (very) Quick Update

Sorry you have not heard from me for a week now. There have been personal / relationship problems here, not unrelated from my having been on a near week-long bender that I am experiencing some difficulty in drying-out from. This time of the year is always difficult in terms of staying out of the pubs, what with all the marketing ploys exhorting one to party, party, party! At least there has been plenty of exchanges going on by way of comments appended to earlier post - my gratitude goes out to all those who have contributed to keeping this blog alive over the last week. I have a carol concert to attend at St Martins In The Fields, London tonight, for which I have to arrive sober and I managed to get through yesterday unscathed by the ravages of drink. I am still rather shaky and suffering anxiety attacks / nightmares but I hope to resume scanning my collection tomorrow - and will hopefully post something from it - and maybe, if I can fight back the depression sufficiently, I can resume a little work on the latest book. Bye for now ...Watch this space!

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