Monday, 5 October 2009

Toyntanen Goes Mobile 2: Live and on the Road!

So here I am, sitting in my local (Well fairly local ; Wood Green, North London) coffee bar. Today I finally found a basic, cheap and neat (small) 'Net Book' computer sorted out - an Asus eeePC 900, running some flavor of Linux and weighing in at a smidge less than 1 kilo and sporting a solid state drive (so much more robust for when I fall off - or get knocked off - my bike). Today's posting was only ever intended as trial run, on the move as it were, with the new machine as I am on a learning curve with it (I have only had it a couple of hours at this point) and I don't have my trusty wireless micro-mouse with me - I don't get on well with touch pads, I'm far too shaky. But I have something lined up for tomorrow - or some time later in the week, depending on how things go - and which I made mention of in my last posting, on Friday. It seems, though, as if at least one reader / contributor can read my mind. As a comment appended to my last entry, anonymous writes :

"I would love it if your future writing included heavy and severe doses of non-corporal punishment, such as writing thousands of lines, copying page after page from the dictionary or telephone book, standing in the corner for many hours contemplating the intersection of two walls, etc."

I couldn't have put it better myself! Your wish is my command, old chap! Check out what is coming next - right up your ally I'd wager, even if I can't personally claim authorship in this case. But trust me: many of the ideas you will be exposed to (and many more besides) will feature in much of my future outpourings.

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