Thursday, 22 October 2009

News, Excuses Some Links and More News

Hi folks! First a bit of news, then the excuses come flowing - then a little more news. First of all, I have just rearranged the blog list (in the sidebar on the right) so as to appear in alphabetical order. In so doing I have dropped the definite article (‘The’) from all but one blog title so as to make the list easier to search through if you looking for a particular title. I've also changed the settings so as to show a thumbnail of the blog content for each - I think it makes the page more interesting to view but what do you think?

In addition I've added several new links to blogs, of which the first leads straight to The Spanking Universe - and thence to who knows where. A new venture from Richard Windsor - who, I'm confident, is well known to all true spanking aficionados - this takes the form of a sort of hub, its tendril-like spokes radiating out and bringing together a plethora of blogs from the spanking / discipline community at large. As always just click on the title to visit or peruse the blog list in the right-hand sidebar - it is a great place to then explore further afield from, which was one of the aims I had in mind when I started this blog, thus the resource list etc. While I was at it I took the opportunity to add a link to his main site - The House of Richard Windsor - this I have listed under ‘Richard Windsor’ along with his other sites in the blog list. I'm not sure how I'd managed to omit this one for so long; but it is a fault that has now been rectified! Again just click on the title or the photo at the top left - which unashamedly I have to admit I nicked from his site, but I just loved it too much to keep my dirty little paws off it, although I will of course remove it should he object (still stays in my private collection though!).

Another couple you might like to try are School Discipline Stories and the blog of Stefanie von Platen-Wilhelms (as usual, just click on name or check out blog listing or on the pic at right - that I pinched from her site).

So once again it's been a good few days since my last update, but this time a least I have good excuse and it’s not just been up to my squandering my time down the pub. Not that pub time is necessarily squandered time - besides the writing I sometimes get done, there are the memories (at least sometimes there are memories - sometimes it's all just blank!). Someone left a comment a while ago regarding a certain chain of pubs and their local branch in Nottingham. And I left a comment in return about my time at Nottingham university at the Sutton Bonnington campus (where I studied food science and nutrition, but that's another story) and a happy memories I have of the time I spent in the early to mid-1990s hanging out in what was then a heavy-metal pub (or at least the upstairs part was) called ‘The Salutation’ - sited on Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, for those that know, although last time I visited it had been totally destroyed and turned into a characterless old-age pensioner Sunday roast retreat!

Anyway, I digress: I have been commissioned to carry out some desk research for a project involving futurology and trends in fashion and marketing. I have to earn a crust so many activities have had to be shoved onto the back burner for the time being, including my writing and answering e-mails, at least those requiring a detailed reply - I have a massive backlog built up and my apologies go out to all those I've yet to write to. However, I expect to have enough time this afternoon and early evening to complete the first part of this project and should I run over (unlikely as I have only a small amount left to complete for the time being) I have the first half of tomorrow that I can utilise if need be. So I've decided to award myself a half-day break and spend a few hours updating the blog and tackling as many spanking / discipline orientated outstanding e-mails replies as possible. I don't expect the second part of my professional brief - and the feedback from the first part - to arrive much before the end of next week so I'm off to the Isle of Wight for a week where I shall be staying in a caravan somewhere near Cowes and touring around, hopefully by bicycle weather permitting. I shall be taking the portable ‘net-book’ computer, of which I have spoken I previously, so I expect to get a fair bit of writing done in the evenings, and during the day I will be out photographing the sights. Assuming I can find WiFi Internet access I plan to update the blog on the go from time to time. I also hope to add another blog update later today at some point, as I doubt I will have time tomorrow and I definitely will not have time Saturday, when I shall be travelling, but for the rest of this morning I am going to have to prioritise getting through that huge logjam of e-mails - it is the polite thing to do; I don't like the idea that people writing in should feel ignored. Believe me, I appreciate every idea, criticism and comment - and it is no real chore, quite the opposite; I have glanced at the good few and there is some exciting and stimulating reading to be had. And of course there is no little frisson to be had in composing the replies and exercising the old diabolical imagination! But then it's knuckling down and back to earn a living for a few more hours. Incidentally, a couple of days back I added a second display to my desktop computer here at home, so I now have a couple of nice big screens side-by-side to spread my work across and it has completely revolutionised how I do things - I don't know why I didn't do this sooner!
And the trussed-up bit of arty gorgeousness, above left? Just a bit of gratuitous bondage and just because I liked it - someone sent it to me ages back and I was waiting for an excuse to share it with you. But I feel a bit jaded, so what the hell!


Richard Windsor said...

Thanks so much for taking the initiative and linking in my friend. The more people who link it the more amazing this will be, people's hit counts should go through the roof!!

The biggest problem that I find with spanking blogs is that I can never keep up, and sometimes miss a really cool post and discover it 6 months later, hopefully this new site will rectify that!!


Anonymous said...

I have been as part of my most recent punishment told to again display my new offences and their consequences publically. This disciplining has arisen because of my failure to complete my first behavioural self evaluation correctly. I identified that I needed further training on finishing off the woollen items I have been knitting more quickly and suggested that my Aunt could tutor me in this. However my Aunt determined I had failed to highlight my poor deportment, slow ironing and failure to actively make clear my misbehavior to others. In addition she said that although I had correctly identified my need for further woollen garment preparation practice I had suggested no sanctions be imposed for my current underperformance. I have therefore been allocated a set of severe punishments for these offences I have committed on my first self-evaluation which have effectively removed, at least for a period, my most recent alleviation of some of my constraints.
I must wear a woollen waistcoat and round neck cardigan in addition to my existing V-neck cardigan in appropriate colours. I am now wearing grey woolen knickers which I knitted some time ago but have never had the discomfort or humiliation to have to wear and over these my normal school knickers. I am again wearing a grey woolen nightgown and also grey woolen thumbless mitts. At home in the evening I am again confined to my room where I have to stand at all times. My Aunt is again enforcing school detention for 90 minutes every evening. I must ask permission to go to the toilet and my Aunt has asked the ladies whose houses I clean to enforce the same humiliating requirement upon me. Every evening before bed I have my mouth washed with carbolic soap to remind me to be more forthcoming in declaring my offences and punishment to others. Every morning I have to complete two hours of knitting and ironing practice before leaving for work. On Sunday I will have to walk to Church with my hands on my head to improve my deportment and make obvious to others my status. My Aunt has also said she will be making me spend time facing the wall in the Parish rooms to ensure everyone is still aware I am being punished.
Due to the multiplicity of my transgressions I have for the first time in many months received corporal punishment and a very severe application it was – ten strokes of the thick leather strap to my bare behind and thighs. In addition I have been told that dependent on my performance I may, most humiliatingly, be subjected to a bare bottom spanking if possible in front of guests on Sunday. I have received such humiliating punishment before and the very thought is horrifying.
I am to be punished like this for two weeks and then my position is to be reviewed. Even if my behavior is exemplary I have been told that my conditions will not be restored to the same lenience as before this offence. This is obviously a completely appropriate approach.
If anyone has additional ideas of appropriate sanctions given my most recent failings as ever my Aunt has made clear she would not only be pleased to hear them, but because of the lack of maturity I have demonstrated, has every intention of imposing them upon me.
Judith T.

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to see that your Aunt has returned to a more severe application of strictures for any failures. In addition to the penenaces she has imposed i would suggest the following additions:
That you also walk to and from work with your hands on your head.
That when going to Church you be made to have a dummy in your mouth.
That when in public you wear a card around your neck on which you may be made to write for example, "I am being punished because I am an immature and naughty child". This will ensure no one is any doubt of your position.
The spankings in front of guests should not be dependent on your performance now - you committed the offences so these should be applied.

I hope these suggestions are useful. I would also say that I look forward to your Aunt reimposing a regime more severe than perhaps even your initial one and making you complete several months back under school conditions to teach you the need for absolute compliance.

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that with statements like this: "On Sunday I will have to walk to Church with my hands on my head to improve my deportment and make obvious to others my status" the writing is clearly fantasy, and ridiculous. I enjoyed it when it was believeable. Not now.

Toyntanen said...

In many ways I quite agree with the last comment in that as far as I'm concerned plausibility is everything and although I might stretch the limits myself in my writing I do try to imagine that, although very obviously set firmly in the world of fantasy, the stuff that I write is at least be possible. But we must never lose sight of the fact that it is all fantasy after all, no matter how plausible, and the piece to which you refer is someone else's fantasy not mine, nor yours, nor anyone else's - the world of fantasy is often a very personal and internalised thing so I find it difficult to criticise. So personally when I'm reading of somebody else's fantasy or fetish I try to find something within it that might still appeal to me in some way, something that I may be able to get out of it even if it is not a primary interest of mine. So rather than give up on an idea I tend to struggle to excuse in some way, to find a way in which, even if far-fetched, I can perhaps make it plausible, but least plausible enough to make it work for me and my own personal enjoyment. But then again one man's meat is another man's poison, and one of the risks that I take in my writing when attempting to tie together several disparate fetishes or interests within a coherent storyline is that of alienating various people who, while turned on to a great degree by certain aspects are completely and utterly turned off by others. As regarding the piece we are discussing here, one possibility I been toying with is this: What if the world in which this tale is taking place exists within a small isolated and insular self-contained Ultra-orthodox religious community? Well, it is a possibility; weirder things exist out there.

Anonymous said...

dear judith,
dear aunt,

our naughty judith walking to church with hands on head, hm, I like this idea very very much ànd yes, as someone said, very plausible in a certain small community ...

and may I suggest an alternative pose for the girl's corner time ? in fact, kneeling is more often used in my country than standing, also with
hands on head of course, fingers interlaced.
as it is more severe, you could use it for when a more severe punishment is needed.

e.g. when she walks to church with her hands on her head, she could continue her walk in church and spend the whole celebration kneeling on the cold floor at the front of the church, back to 'the audience', all the time keeping her hands on top of her head.

if used this punishment at home, if necessary, you can even make it more harsh by making her kneel on pencils, a washboard, rice, corn, beans ...
but than pay attention not to make the kneeling too long as to avoid knee damage of course.
by the way, is that the reason kneeling is hardly used in britain ??

with love,