Saturday, 19 September 2009

Emails to Me: My Profile Picture, Judith & her Aunt and Other Stuff

Just a quickie today, folks. I have to be off to casualty in a moment. I got struck by a car while cycling last night, somewhere near Archway, North London - nothing too serious - my right hand caught a glancing blow from the vehicle's mirror. It is quite badly gashed but I think that nothing was broken and I couldn't face the undoubted four to five hour wait (typical in my part of town) last night as I wouldn't then have gotten home until the wee small hours.

Meanwhile: I have received a couple of emails over the last few days. The first asked if I actually look like the photo in my profile. Well, I have messed around with the colour of course - and it isn't the very latest pic - but pretty much it is me, as is, at present, give or take a bit. The lighter bit on the top lip is supposed to be the head off of a pint of beer - I'm not sure that it really works and I am thinking about changing it in any case.

Another comments on the post 'A Little Teaser' : "looks like a spin off from the Thor comic book from around 1985 or so I wonder if there is a naughty recalcitrant girl inside who needs and receives discipline? " - Yes, it sure is! But as for the rest...wait and see!.

Then there is that 'Judith and her Aunt' thing. Nothing to do with my work nor the characters in my books, but it is in the spirit of the thing so I always welcome more of the same. I don't have time to dig out the relevant links to point to the original at the moment but I am sure a dig through the blog archive will soon pay dividends - see sidebar on right for pull-down archive menu. The pictures I thought represent a nice exploration of 'variations on a theme', so to speak.

"Dear Garth Toyntanen
I have previously commented on Judith's discipline and would be happy if you could post this on your blog so that Judith and her aunt may have the opportunity to comment on it.

Dear Judith and Judith's Aunt
This is a belated comment on Judith's post from July, telling about her latest changes with her employment as a junior trainee cleaner. I appreciate the more mature understanding that Judith has started to develop about her situation and need for strict discipline.
I note that Judith's aunt has indicated that there might still be a possibility for Judith to return to secretarial work in the future. While I agree that it is good to have inspirational career goals in life I also think that it is frustrating and even dangerous to entertain unrealistic expectations. I think Judith should concentrate only on improving her work and abilities as a household servant. If she is diligent and shows ability she could even one day be ultimately promoted to a real maid and the right to wear a real maid's uniform.
For this dream to be realized Judith will have to work hard at learning all the skills necessary. This is not enough, however. It is just as essential that she learns the right attitude to her work and superiors and in particular to her discipline. It is good that she understands that punishment is necessary for misdemeanours, mistakes or just for discipline, but she needs to go further.
Judith must grasp the nettle herself, so to say, and every time she commits a misdemeanour or makes a mistake, she must take the initiative and go immediately to her mistress, aunt or any other supervisor and tell openly about her mistake and ask to be punished as appropriate. After punishment she must thank whoever has applied it and apologize for causing such trouble. After this she must ask if she can go to the corner or continue with her domestic work. She should understand, that corner-time is actually a privilege and an opportunity for a child to calm down and reflect on her behaviour and need for punishment.
I have previously made some suggestions for Judith's discipline and am pleased that her aunt has considered some of them, such as use of a pacifier.
Angel "


AboutSpankings said...

Do hope your hand is okay! If you're going to have a hurt hand, we can think of at least one better way to have done it.

~Todd & Suzy

Toyntanen said...

Yeah, me too, but not to worry coz it still works satisfactorily, if you get my drift...besides, I have another half, and it works just as well in the bedroom as in the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

IMO you shouldn't cycle after nightfall, far too dangerous!

Anonymous said...

I think the suggestions of this poster are very valid. I would not think given the misbehaviour she has demonstarted according to some of the ealier posts as she has had her conditions made less harsh that anything but a very slow level of relief is appropriate. I think therefore that she should be kept uniformed, as the school girl she has behaved as, for the forseeable future. Did someone clarify for her Aunt whether the potential mistake in posting she made was her niece's or not? Clearly if it was her fault this would mean any thoughts of slackening her conditions could be immediately forgotten. Indeed we would no doubt a rapid reversal.