Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A Strict Nurse in Uniform and a Girl in Medical Restraints


I just came across this little gem of a pic of a strict nurse in uniform (left) on a YahooGroup that I will tell you about at a later date as I have to rush out soon _ I am off touring around the more far-flung reaches of Essex tomorrow for a few days and have to get a few pints in first! I have also noted how many of you have been checking out the medical bondage pic I posted a while back so thought I'd include a few more - again from a yahoo group. I particularly like the mitts pictured top right - just perfect for keeping interfering fingers out of the way should masturbation be a problem...and of course for heightening that all-important sense of helplessness and dependency, so crucial if one is striving to create the perfect model of the docile mental patient!


Spanking OTK said...

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Anonymous said...

I would like to respond to the inputs provided to me for further discipling of my niece after her last posting in July. Whilst I would agree that had the site owner indicated that she had made an error in the posting of the update on her new regime she should be disciplined, as far as I can see that has not been confirmed. Currently Judith is therefore well into her second month of working as a cleaner whilst still being kept under close supervision and wearing appropriately childish school uniform. She is behaving well and though she clearly finds her now frequent public appearence in uniform very shaming she has taken her punishment appropriately. Despite the relaxations the time that she now spends knitting and making clothes is more laborious still as she realises that she is manufacturing the items which will continue to impose her plainness and humiliation for a significant time into the future. If the site owner does confirm that Judith made a mistake then I assure you she will be punished with a severity greater even than your very appropriate recommendations and that were it necessary to do this that she would be made to publicly display her punishment for your satisfaction and further comment.
Hopefully this will not be necessary.

Judith's Aunt

Harry Standing said...

I particularly like the b&w picture of the girl at the bottom of the page - waking up in her undies but with her makeup still on?

Any idea where this has come from?