Saturday, 18 July 2009

A Victor Bruno Caning - and my Birthday (week?) Continues

Hi Chaps and chapesses; Tomorrow from around 12:00 I shall be in 'The IceHouse' Camden Town, by the Canal - inside if its raining (which obviously it will be - being Britain and all and being summer!) - come chat if you see me - don't be a stranger!. Now for the origin of that pic (see top left) from last time - yes its good old Victor Bruno and the first of his books that I ever bought. I got it from the Janus shop in Old Compton Street, Soho, here in London, I think around 1984 or 1983. Later the shop got raided by the police (several times in fact) and they took all of the Victor Bruno spanking / caning books away - finally the shop stopped stocking them and the only way to buy them was by mail order from some place based on the Isle of Wight which apparently was OK as far as plod (a familial term for police) was concerned - go figure. Called Olimpia Books that company still exists on the web - try Google for details (they don't run an affiliate program so bollocks to them!).

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