Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A New PicasaWeb Album, a Couple of Spanking Magazine Covers and a New Scanned Caning Photoset Series Starts

Hi, folks! It's my birthday tomorrow and I'll be in the 'The Tyburn' (JD Wetherspoons, of course) which can be found at:
18 Edgware Rd Marble Arch London W2, just in case anyone is around in the area.
I'm aiming to arrive sometime around 14:30 - 15:00, although I may be earlier. My main celebration will be on Sunday though - see last posting for details.
Now for an update. I have just started a new PicasaWeb album for high street shop girl uniforms (to be found in the women's work-wear section of the sidebar). There's not much in it yet - just a few Marks and Spencers uniforms from the 1980s and 1990s and a Tescos uniform from 2006 - but I will be expanding gradually over time. I have also added a couple of covers and a bit of artwork to the Spanking magazine covers album (also to be found in the side bar). I doubt many folk will have come across these before, so I have included them above. These both date back to the mid 1990s or thereabouts and were rather rough-hewn and basic but nevertheless had their moments - for example the delightful summer uniform dress depicted on the cover of 'The governess' taken together with the young lady's contrite and submissive posture tells a story all of its own: a thousand words indeed. Even the 'Uniform Journal' had its redeeming features - the art work may have been a little rough and ready at times but could also on occasion capture the very essence of the exploitative possibilities inherent in the imposition of a strict disciplinary regime and strict uniform on a vulnerable young woman in the hands of an unscrupulous guardian or other disciplinarian (see right). Note the juxtaposition of the basically childish nature of the gymslip and the rigidly high-buttoned collar and firmly knotted school tie with the closeness of fit around the obviously mature bust-line, the sexually suggestive short skirt flaring over maturely curving broad hips, the tightly cinched waist, not to mention the rose-red blush of embarrassment and humiliation painting her cheeks - delicious, quite delicious!

Now; here is a photo-set I have recently scanned from my collection that I am betting few will have seen before and that, together with the story that went with them, triggered many of the ideas that I have since incorporated into the INSTITUTIONALISED series when I first came across them in the mid 1980s. I will reveal their origin at the end of the series, which I shall probably split into two or three parts, to give a chance to anyone who thinks he (or she) might know the source.
Not my favorite style of gymslip, it must be said, but great school knickers - how school knickers should look - suitably voluminous, yet elastic enough to ensure a nice, tight close and intimate fit. First we have the discipline of the uniform inspection, then those knickers come down and we get to see just how voluminous they relay are despite their elasticity - such beautifully ugly knickers - how galling for a young woman of her age to be obliged to wear such humiliating and belittling under-garments . Finally we are privileged to witness the humiliation of the gusset inspection - and those intimate blemishes marring the snow-white absorbent double gusset have a tale to tell; a tale undoubtedly deserving of a few strokes of her governess's cane (just click to enlarge)... to be continued (if you like it, let me know). Meanwhile work on volume 3 and the 'in between and back-story' volume (particularly the latter) continues apace - I hope to get a bit more written in the pub tomorrow!

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