Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A Story I Found on my Travels

I have been a bit busy of late, as you know, but yesterday I received a very interesting email from the person that contributed the Dietary Discipline thing that I posted the time before last (Last Wednesday in fact) giving answers to some of the questions I posed (and also posted the time before last) - a dialog that i hope to be able to share with you in due course. Anyway, as these things usually do, one or two of the more intriguing comments sent me scuttling to do a little Google research of my own and lo and behold, although bearing little relationship to my research aims, I uncovered an exquisite little gem of a story (potentially at least, if it wasn't for the ending). It involves certain themes that I have been exploring within the INSTITUTIONALISED story arc, in that it involves a young woman becoming embroiled as an experimental subject (by way of a rather ingenious path, it must be said) in a clinical research study being undertaken by a university psychology department into the reforming effects of incarceration. Called Kristen and the Moot Court and written by someone called Zack back in 2002, by the looks of things, I am somewhat surprised that I haven't come across it before. Click the title (in blue) to link and read.

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