Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Some Small Changes

Hi again; I have just made one or two small changes to the layout of this site. For example: the archive now exists as a pull-down menu at the top of the right-hand sidebar - the blog dates back to July last year and I have noticed that few visitors ever bother to peruse the earlier entries, but that is where most of the snippets from volume 1 and the upcoming volume 2 can be found. Because of that I have decided to try and make navigation that much more easy and will be making one or two more changes to that end from time to time in the near future. Meanwhile; if you are new to this blog, a good place to start is with the welcome / explanatory message - which was the very first thing I ever posted, incidentally . (Click here to read). Later today I will be posting part two of the reader's account featured and begun in my last posting. As for now; I'm off to the gym, then doing a little scribbling and scratching in the local Costas Coffee. I'm presently working on a short section of volume 2 that polishes it of and links - smoothly, I hope - into volume 3. Provisionally entitled 'End Game' (what else?) it opens up the opportunity to do a little descriptive work as regards a certain woman's take on what constitutes a suitably smart 'look' for her charges - let's just say that having been disillusioned with the offer available at today's school outfitters suitable for the late teenage girl - even the the more traditional - she has decided to investigate the 'bespoke' route...fine tailoring, well chosen fabrics and good traditional attention to the corsetiere's art - expensive but worth every penny (but I'm not so sure her girls will agree).

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