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A Site to Vistit and Some (Adult) School Uniform Musings

Hi folks. I've just spent far too long rummaging through another one of those sites / blogs that somehow I have managed to overlook. Called Vintage Spanking Pictures it is chock-full of exactly that, many I have not seen before, and has been around since January 2006. I found plenty to inspire my future writing efforts and one or two that I think the woman who wrote in some time ago as regards her niece Judith's discipline should take a look at. In particular mind has been taken by the concept of spanking knickers or bloomers that handily open at the rear based on those old-fashioned 'draws' - see photo and click either photo above to visit the site (or check out the blog listing in the sidebar). While on the subject of web sites - while proofreading / embellishing volume 2 and simultaneously researching for the follow-up volume 3 (which is already partially written and involves a return to good old fashion Victorian discipline at the hands of a strict disciplinarian governess and her nursing assistant / children's nanny companion in what could be thought of as 'total immersion') I have had reason to visit many school uniform sites and I have to say that as regards the present time you folk in the United States seem to have the monopoly in inspiring designs. Much of the styling coming out of this stateside resurgence in school uniforms has far more in common with the traditional English private boarding school uniforms of the past that anything to be found in real British schools today - at least as far as the older pupil is concerned. Many of the designs I came across would make a great starting point for anyone charged with devising a suitable form of uniform to bolster and support a strict domestic, or other, disciplinary regime - or for the purpose of shame clothing come to that; or indeed both (for one can coexist quite comfortably with the other).

I was particularly taken with this blouse, or more to the point the detail piping around the arms and collar - the latter, although a little thing, adds markedly to that critical 'uniform' feel. In its present form I imagine it as a jumping off point, in the early stages of the imposition of a new disciplinary regime, perhaps introduced in the early summer so that the coming of winter provides excuse for stricter dress restrictions, the young lady having by that time become somewhat acclimatised to the idea of having to wear a school uniform about the place. The next couple of steps or so I have to confess I haven't yet stumbled upon commercially and at present seem to exist only in my imagination - although with a good seamstress under one's wing implementation would be simple enough. First would be the provision of a long-sleeved version, then it being worn with a proper striped school tie of a suitable colour. Then would come a modification to the collar, it would button higher, be stiffened and starched, have a wider spread.

In their turn, the cuffs would mutate from the conventional single button fastening to the far deeper and more tiresome three-in line-button fastening beloved of Victorian stylists - and of course be suitably stiffened. Depending on one's budget and the young lady's figure (and self-image) quite some benefit could be obtained by having it made-to-measure, incorporating judicious pin-tucking and darting where required to achieve the required closeness of fit whereby the eye is naturally drawn to the mature out-swelling of the bosom and so better appreciates the contrast with the childishly puffed shoulders. An additional detail were considering would be having a school badge and perhaps her name embroidered over one breast.

Similarly, where possible, the skirt, gymslip (jumper, if you will) or dress should conform as closely as possible to her curves while incorporating all those deliciously childish little details that her master, mistress or governess or nurse or whatever might care to choose. The dress (or jumper) I came upon described as a 'charm school dress' - and charming it undoubtedly is. The buttoning at the front is a nice, tiresomely fiddly, little detail. But even more tiresome, and even more fiddly - almost certainly requiring assistance in dressing if properly implemented - would be to have it fastening by way of buttoning of the shoulder straps themselves, three buttons in a line across at each shoulder and positioned some three inches or so down the back. The skirt as it stands at the moment has a far too free and easy look about it and although, like the blouse, as it is it makes a starting off point for a young lady being entered into the initial stages of a strict disciplinary regime. In the later stages I would suggest that one might head in one of two directions; either the skirt should remain at knee-length, as it is in the picture, but be dramatically tailored and taken in to pencil-skirt dimensions - resulting, along with suitably restrictive corsetry worn beneath and with her feet squeezed into tiny high heeled Victorian button-fastening ankle boots - a pleasantly feminine, if tiresome for the girl, tiny-stepped, hip-swinging gait.

Alternatively one might be tempted to go for a more traditional approach with a sun ray burst of sharp knife-pleats. If she is kept in school bloomers or directoire knickers - and she should be, the styles of today are most unsuitable for the teenager under such a regime - one might consider a suitable length for the hem being that just sufficient as to cover the broad elasticated leg cuffs of her knickers, at mid-thigh preferably, when standing. If properly chosen and / or designed, she should have little enthusiasm for allowing her underwear to go 'on show' in any case - but of course the strap or the cane should be waiting for those little moment of carelessness, no matter how brief, that are certain to occur. A similar rationale may be applied to the choice of fabric for her skirt, dress, gymslip or whatever - of a plain school colour and weighty, being fully lined even though destined to be worn over a blouse, full-length slip and corsellete, there is benefit to be gained from the choice of a crease-prone fabric. These considerations can be extended to the question of whether or not socks should be worn or stockings (never pantyhose under any circumstances).

There is obviously much to be said in favour in keeping the young filly bare legged, especially if short skirted - there is the benefit of the rapid access to the back of the thighs, if nothing else, for the palm of the hand or the tawse (allowing a closer psychological relationship to be formed between the behaviour to be eradicated and punishment). If under male supervision - if perhaps she is to be trained to reconsider her sexuality - then the temptation might be to say that if bare legged she might be made more vulnerable when bent across his desk or over the back of her own chair.

But even if suspended over her knickers - an approach that of course requires her to have two unfasten and refasten her suspenders at each toilet visit and thus reinforces that all-important sense of being under control -it should still be possible to roll down the waistband of her knickers far enough at least to give access to her behind. If those old-fashioned back-opening 'draws', or a modern equivalent, were to be worn then it would be a simple enough task acquire intimate access to her person - whether it be to take pleasure from the plump ripe peach of her backside or more conventionally. She can simply be required to unfasten the back of those school 'draws', and bend over the back of her chair with her hands on its seat - the cane left casually lying before her eyes should she hesitate or get thought to disobedience. Once 'used' in that manner she can be sharply told to pull up and refasten tightly her knickers and retake her place at her desk - any unsightly stains arising can be washed out by hand by the girl herself later, a delightfully galling task. The incorporation of a rubber knicker liner, of course, would take care of such considerations - but then consideration must be given to any unpleasantness arising should it be required to 'use' her subsequently throughout the day. A couple of hours or so of her sitting stickily in a combination of her sweat and result of his pent-up pleasure at her cramped desk on a hot summer's afternoon in old-fashioned full school uniform and in a stuffy little attic room made up as classroom could make for some modicum of unpleasantness the next time she is bent across the master's desk. Imagining such a uniform filled out with the burgeoning plump curves of late teenage and enforced with the threat of the cane or strap - both frequently applied in any case - one can easily imagine the effect in curbing a young lady's spirit.
Similar considerations might even apply if under female supervision. She might easily be required to stand alongside her governess's chair, with legs spread, hands on head with fingertips touching and elbows smartly out to the sides, or remain bent across her nurse's lap after the hairbrush has been liberally applied to her bare chubby buttocks while skilled and knowledgeable fingers idly toy and take intimate liberties, drawing soft sighs between heartbroken sobs, before being sent back, unfulfilled hot eyed and damp, to her little desk or to stand rubbery-legged with nose pressed to the wall, in the corner. A suitable pair of school knickers fitted with a plastic lining and absorbent pad or towel can be seen to the right - an ideal solution for both scenarios, moping up sweat and all manner of secret unspeakable messes while the humid airtight plastic environment ensures everything remains just damp enough still act as a constant humiliating reminder of her helpless exploitation.
Either way, I have no doubt that stockings would be best. Old-fashioned opera-length lyle stockings, over-warm and scratchy, in black or better still a suitable school colour such as bottle green or navy blue. And held up all round by broad elastic suspenders, short and taut and pressing into the thighs and having uncomfortable metal clips that dig into the flesh where her weight spreads across the tiny, hard, child-sized wooden school chair that she is obliged to sit upon for the majority of her day - when not corner standing, performing punishment P.E. in her skintight leotard or being drilled, marching on the spot or up and down the staircase with a heavily weighted backpack.

If some sort of domestic training is to be incorporated in her regime then, rather than provide her with the excuse to change out of her school uniform, a suitable overall should be provided and worn over the full uniform (other than her blazer or cape - if such outer garments are worn) no matter how warm the weather, or how stuffy the room might become. To be honest this observation simply came to me because I happened across this picture of an overall on an auction site - at first I considered it as a starting point for a school summer dress but it would be fine in its original function, albeit if dyed to a suitable school colour - and better still if it was available with long sleeves and buttoned cuffs. The sober frumpiness of the thing and the modestly high buttoning neck would contrast nicely with rationale behind the girl's wearing of it and the intentions of her master or mistress.
Getting back to my book, just for a moment: it has burgeoned to an incredible 260-odd pages. The trouble with that is; LULU, the self-publishing site that I use, charges more as the page number increases and if I am not careful the thing will end up costing too much to actually sell any copies at all. I'm not sure how many people have found the glossary helpful or even looked at it in INSTITUTIONALISED volume 1 so I am considering taking that out of volumes 2 and 3 - any opinions? I'm all so seriously considering splitting into two books - it'll take a little extra work but perhaps a week or so no more. Once again, anyone out there have any opinions? Please let me know. The next blog entry will likely be the forth and last instalment of the contributor's experiences of aversion and harassment therapy that I have been serialising...any thoughts?

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