Monday, 20 April 2009

Commentaries, Comments, Opinions & Proof Reading

Hi, I'm hard at work at adding the finishing touches to volume 2 - having already been to the gym first thing this morning. The sun is shining and I am (for once) in a buoyant mood. My level of enthusiasm for work is high today, due in no little way to having received some very kind and encouraging comments as regards volume 1 and also having received (from the same source) a very promising piece of work indeed, to read through and feed back upon - something I am always more than happy to do. At this point I have managed to constrain myself to having just glanced at the first paragraph or so and as I say; it looks very promising indeed, very much right up my tree. And thus the enthusiasm towards my own work today - I have set out with the intention of holding back on reading the entire peace until I have completed the tasks I have planned for myself (something that is going to require more than a modicum of self-control - I looks to be a fascinating piece of work and I'm very excited by the prospect of reading it). To be honest, one of the reasons I started writing in the first place - as you will know if you read this blog regularly - was in the hope that others would take up on my ideas and be simulated to write the sort of thing that I would love to read for myself and that I had always hoped to find on some dusty bookshelf somewhere or some unloved corner of the Internet universe. And what I have been sent promises to be all that and more! So there you have it - a little reward I have promised myself at the end of the day.

On the subject of commentaries and comments; another anonymous contributor has left a new and fascinating comment on the previous post "Dietary Discipline, Harassment Therapy & Sexual Reorientation – A Reader’s Account Revisited (Part 2) (Click here to read the comment) or go to the bottom of the article and click on link - it really is worth reading: There is a part about a hapless young woman being placed under legal guardianship and thus placed quite legally under the authority of another, that, being directly related to one of the events occurring in the upcoming INSTITUTIONALISED volume 2, very much belongs under the heading of 'truth stranger than fiction'!

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