Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A Blog and a Film to Check Out

If you enjoy institutional discipline/punishment (and who doesn't) you might like to check out http://rohrstockpalast.blogspot.com/ (See the sidebar blog list or click on pic or blog name to visit). Meanwhile, I'm back from the coast and getting on with volume 2 - just to give you an update...I was in Hampstead last night (The Flask) and I just might be found in either the The Turnpike, Sprouter's Corner or Alfred Herring later today - all North London Weatherspoon pubs (might even make it to the Southgate Weatherspoons - who knows?).
The pic on the right I found on the same blog (I think) and just couldn't resist. It's the the knickers-on-hooks thing - look to the right of the drawing. What a wonderfully humiliating little piece of discipline that is...for a girl to have to leave her knickers hanging in full view on entering the classroom (of course I would have them left carefully folded on their desks in front of them, gusset outermost).

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