Sunday, 5 October 2008

Women's WorkWear and Uniforms - New Resource Links Added

As most will by now know, I rarely post anything much at the weekend. However, I have been adding more of my scanned uniform and nylon overall catalog images to my albums and have now decided to arrange them by manufacturer. There are only three albums present at the moment but I will be extending the collection in between bouts of writing, when I get bored and have plans for a couple of albums of corsellete (as these undergarments are something mentioned many times in INSTITUTIONALISED volume 1) and corset pics at some point. The album links may now be found in the side bar to the right just below 'messages'. If there is sufficient interest I will arrange other topics that have been covered in a similar manner to create easily navigable pages of illustrations by Paula Meadows and Hardcastle for example or popular search subjects such as enemas, caning pics etc.

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