Wednesday, 1 October 2008

A Small Apology and Some Info / Site News

For those that haven't noticed there is something of a financial crisis occurring, especially in the banking sector. Here in the UK the government compensation scheme, should your bank crash, is less than generous (although we are assured it is soon to be improved). For this reason, and having suffered a near miss over the weekend with one of my accounts, I spent pretty much all of yesterday in various queues in various banks moving and splitting up my savings (absolutely exhausting). Today I'm off for another eyesight test in Harley Street and as they put in various drops in my eye as part of the procedure, some of which disturb my sight for quite a while, I probably won't be able to make a post today. My apologies - as you know I try to update the blog every weekday and occasionally at the weekend if I was unable to do so during the week for some reason.. The next update therefore will be tomorrow and I'm thinking of putting up some more of those old gymslip pictures as I've noticed more and more people coming to this site of late having typed the term ‘gymslip’ into Google. I'll also be, at long last, starting to upload all my women's workwear catalogue pictures, but these I will be loading into an album and then placing a link to it on the site as for those with little interest it could all become a bit tedious to have to view page after page of uniforms and overalls. Meanwhile; for now, why not have a dig around through some of the older posts in the archive - see what you can find. Or contribute some story ideas.

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