Saturday, 18 October 2008

A Short Update

Just a quick not to anyone interested in the sources for the garments I depicted a couple of entries ago - latex and plastic knickers etc...I neglected to put in the relevant credits and contact details for the pics concerned...I am working away from home this weekend but on Monday I'll go back and add links and references to all the relevant companies and sources. Also the next complete update will probably be late Monday night or Tuesday as I have to go in for an eye checkup on Mon Morning...Meanwhile, isn't it a shame that the bulletin board I told you about closed down (see last few entries). It is possible though that the original postings may still exist as cached pages on Google. Try typing in this: Too old to wear white socks to school (it was the original thread title), then read what you find (if it still exists) and think about other keywords to use to track down any other entries. If there is enough interest and if none is found cached I may try to further recreate the gist of the discussion in precis form (with a bit of illustration if I can).

Even better is to type into Google: Too old to wear white socks to school +worsted (don't forget to select the cached page - but you won't be able to follow on to more directly from that page - you will have to find the cached follow on by clever use of keywords).

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