Friday, 24 October 2008

Back to the Reformatory and Some Suitable Story Links (more text to be added later)

I think its time to get back on track, as it were…
Today’s subject is the reformatory and all the scope for imaginative discipline that conjures up once a young lady has been successfully detained behind its walls…particularly if the establishment should be remote, discreet, suitably secure and privately owned and run. The subject is best viewed in that way in my humble opinion – The detainee need not commit any crime, her sentence need not breach guidelines nor come with the possibility of repeal or even be of any set length. Nor need there be any particular end in mind to justify the means…for some, the fact that she has been denied her freedom, is being held under the strictest discipline and under the constant threat of punishment simply on a whim is an end in itself.

The pics are two scans fro my collect and taken from an early 90s Blushes (Although it could be Whispers or The New Supplement).

I’m going to be adding more to this post tomorrow, hopefully…Watch this space
I have found a site full of BDSM and discipline stories. You will have to dig through them when you get there to find something matching your particular taste but its an eclectic mix including enemas, mouth soaping, strict governesses and nurses and all sorts…you name it and its probably there somewhere…and all for free, too

Main Library

Experimental prison wing urethral stimulation

Classroom enema and dormitory anal abuse
Incidentally the following passage, taken from the above story, is probably the best I have ever read of its type in the way that it subtly captures the effects that the disciplinary regime she is being kept been under is having on the girl herself - one of my interests in such literature, it must be said. Its all in that part where she folds her arms into the small of her back. She is about to be abused anally - a humiliation that is unlikely to leave any young woman without her fair share of mental scaring - and yet no command needs be uttered and no rope or other restraint brought forth...her hands are restrained by the sheer weight of the subjugation and the domination of her will.
...Then the whisper of cotton as her night smock was rucked up beyond her waist. Without being told Angela drew up her her knees at either side until she adopted the frog position. Her hands automatically gravitated to the small of her back, where she folded them in submission. Hips lifted as a pillow was positioned beneath her belly. Her warm mouth accepted the bit she was to bite on. The lid popping on a jar of lubricant. The creak of springs at an increased load...

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