Thursday, 18 September 2008

Post Eye Surgery: Very Old Influential Publications From my Scans Collection

The bit of eye surgery I underwent yesterday seems to have gone okay but it must be said that my vision is still somewhat blurred and apparently is expected to remain so for the next day or so of slowly improving. I attempted to do a little work on the computer late yesterday afternoon but soon gave up due to the strain. While I can see well enough to enable me to post up a few pictures reading text off the screen presents something of a challenge and a bit of a strain -I write using voice recognition software to dictate my thoughts directly to the computer, but of course the software is nothing like perfect, it makes mistakes and I need to be able to read the output in order to slap it round the face and put it right when it makes mistakes. For this reason this post and the next will consist mostly of pictures with only the barest of bones of an explanation and discussion. I will return to both to add my thoughts in a day or two's time - there'll always be some relevance to the INSTITUTIONALISED series.

Perhaps it's something that inspired me to begin writing in the first place, perhaps it's something that illustrates some event within the story arc or that portrays something of the atmosphere that I try to evoke or serves to clarify some potential source of confusion. The various aspects of 'punishment dress' - encountered in INSTITUTIONALISED volume 1 and that will continue to be encountered from time to time in various guises throughout the series - gymslips, corselletes, nylon overalls, little girl dresses and the rest, comes to mind regarding the latter point (something I attempted to tackle by the inclusion of a glossary - the only instance, I'd wager, of a glossary occurring in a S&M / D&S publication).

Sometimes, as in the post to follow this one, the content is some contribution made by one of our visitors (for which I always have the utmost gratitude). Reader involvement and contribution is something I am always keen to encourage as it criticism both positive and negative, interest and fetishes and storyline ideas that might be woven in to the series. But whatever the content there is always the need to explain the context if this site is to remain more than just a collection of eclectic and seemingly unconnected images, both erotic and otherwise. So there you have it, it's been something of a strain to write this much so I'll return to rewrite both this entry, and that following, in a couple of days time.

Just to quickly set the scene; these are the front covers of a few of the early publications from my formative years and that had their part to play in developing my interest in spanking, discipline and other associated areas.

Anyone out there remember these publications?

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