Saturday, 6 September 2008

I'm Back


I'm back!!!
I have been on vacation in Spain (for those familiar with the Costa Del Sol; I was staying at a little place called Carib Playa, situated close to Marbesa, between Calahonda and Marbella, being around 12km east of the latter). I have quite literally just walked in the door, having flown into Luton late last night.
There have been a few excellent and interesting comments posted while I have been away but it looks as if I will be kept busy for most of the rest of this weekend sorting out one or two problems that have cropped up in my absence in my private life; but it will be ‘business-as-usual’ come Monday and I will be replying to all who have left comments individually by email then. I think my favorite is this one, posted by that well-known contributor, anonymous, who writes:
"I'm always thought a cropped head to be one of the best ways to reduce a snooty female to size. Add a nice little girl's outfit, in which nothing can be hidden and we have the beginning of an obedient girl. This is especially suitable for 18 to 25 year olds."
Great stuff! And nicely targeted too. It is an approach that while eminently suitable in the domestic environment is equally applicable, with a few tweaks to costume and procedural considerations, to the type of institutional environment I envisage our girls spending so much of their time in.
For a girl while so incarcerated, that look might well come to bitterly symbolise the enforced innocence of her isolation, her near total ignorance of the events of the outside world and her powerlessness to intervene in any way as her life, future and prospects are being mapped out for her. (I make the point of saying near total ignorance here as, although knowledge of general current affairs might well be deemed unnecessary, it might be considered that her isolation does not need to be complete in every way. Indeed there are several advantages to be had in allowing a little news to filter in from beyond the institution's walls from time to time - the cancellation of a university placement through lack of response to the necessary correspondence perhaps or something of her stepmother's machinations in her absence - perhaps imparted by a concerned figure in her life - after all, she has a right to know how her trust fund is being handled.
When in the outside world there is the galling frustration of being driven past shop windows filled with the latest fashions, of observing the freedom of her peers firsthand. There is the humbling knowledge of her shaming appearance, and the throbbing reminder of the raised cane-lines decorating her behind.
On another tack; I have to admit that for one reason or another I failed dismally to get any actual writing done visa vie INSTITUTIONALISED volumes 1 and 2 but I have developed several new ideas, plot directions and deviously subtle ways by which to further humiliate and curb our, once vivacious, heroines (of which more later).

Best wishes to everyone

Garth (Now suntanned and healthy – ish)

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